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Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by silent one, Mar 9, 2012.
  1. 2359glenn
    That is kind of expensive for not trying the EL6 yet? If the EL6 works they will.
    I would still use the EL3N for the drivers. Maybe try the EL6 at some time.
  2. mordy
  3. UntilThen
    No worries. Not buying those straight tubes for that price. Will just try the red EL6.
  4. UntilThen
  5. mordy
  6. UntilThen
    Correct Mordy. The EL6 has the power of the EL12. They are just different base.

    I will talk to Glenn about accomodating the EL6 to work in the output stage for my amp.
  7. UntilThen
    My decision to get the EL3N amp is not dependant on EL6 working.

    I am primarily using it as a headphone amp and if the 1.5 w drives a high efficiency speakers then that's a bonus.

    Several factors help me with this decision. There are several who already owns the amp that gave very favourable reviews. Jetl and his friends in evaluating some top notch amps even gave mention of the EL3N that the sound signature bears some resemblance to the DNA Stratus.

    Finally the reviews of several tubes in Jacmusic, gave a gold award to EL3N with the comment that it's the closest to the 2a3 in tone.

    Lastly as if finally is not enough, Glenn the designer thinks it's close to the 45 tone and he likes it himself to want one.

    And now with Yamamoto's sockets, the EL3N paddle feet has become happy feet.
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  8. UntilThen
    Additionally I can go nuts rolling rectifiers. Nah I won't do that. :)

    I promise myself that I will have only 3 rectifiers.

    So if you can only have 3 rectifiers, what would it be? :)
  9. leftside
  10. UntilThen
    I can but I won't. I like it neat and nice.

    I sold 2 of those adapters to Ross.
  11. jekjek
  12. UntilThen
    Do these need adapters. What about GZ37 fat bottle.

    I heard about U52. That's a nice rectifier.
  13. jekjek
    No they do not need any adapter. Its plug and play
    Langrex have a nice GZ37 fat base for sale
    Faster, act before its gone!
  14. 2359glenn
    No adapter needed.
    Make it 4 rectifiers I will give a 3DG4 with the amp.
  15. UntilThen
    4 is a nice number. I won't rush into rectifiers just yet. Will use that 3DG4 first and see how I like it.

    Patience is a good virtue. :)

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