2017 Year in Review

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    Thanks to your kind support and companion, we've had a year greater than ever. Follow us to take a look back at the news and stories of FiiO this year that have had a major impact on your music life.

    A. The Year in Important Moments
    1. Apr: FiiO's sales reached a historic high
    2. Apr: FiiO's 10th Anniversary

    B. The Year in Launch Event
    1. Jul: Infinity Sound: FiiO Launch Event in Guangzhou • London • Singapore
    2. Nov: FiiO Autumn Launch Event in Guangzhou and Tokyo

    C. The Year in Honor
    1. Feb: iF Design Award 2017 (X5 3rd gen)
    2. Mar: Red Dot Design Award 2017 (X5 3rd gen)
    3. Apr: 2017 Tokyo Fujiya Avic Spring Headphone Festival Silver Award (X5 3rd gen)
    4. Apr: 2017 Moscow Hi-Fi & Hi-End Show Product of the Year Award (X5 3rd gen)
    5. Aug: EISA Award Best Product 2017-2018 Mobile Audio Player (X5 3rd gen)
    6. Nov: Extra Mustard Holiday Gift Guide 2017 by Sports Illustrated (BTR1)
    7. Nov: 2018 Sound and Image Awards (X1II)
    8. Nov: The Best Portable Headphone Amp with Built-In DAC by Thewirecutter (K1)
    9. Nov: PREMIO 2018 ON OFF (X5 3rd gen)
    10. Nov: VGP 2018 (X5 3rd gen)
    11. Nov: 2018 Sound and Image Awards (X5 3rd gen)
    12. Nov: VGP 2018 (A5)
    13. Dec: 2017 Great Audiophile Gift Award by Enjoy the Music (X5 3rd gen)
    14. Dec: The Best Accessories for Your iPhone X by MakeUseOf (i1)

    D. The Year in New Product Release
    1. Jan: Headphone Amplifier A5 Black
    2. Jan: In-Ear Monitors EX1 2nd gen
    3. Jan: In-Ear Monitors F3
    4. Feb: Music Player X5 3rd gen
    5. Mar: Red Leatherette Case LC-FX5321
    6. Apr: Dynamic In-Ear Monitors F1
    7. May: Lightning DAC/AMP i1
    8. Jun: Carrying Case HB1
    9. Jun: Stacking Kit SK-X5III
    10. Jun: Balanced Earphone Cable RC-MMCXB
    11. Jul: Limited Red Edition to X1 2nd gen
    12. Jul: Short Earphone Cable RC-MMCX1s
    13. Jul: Flagship Music Player X7 Mark II
    14. Jul: Headphone Amp Module AM3A
    15. Aug: In-Ear Monitors F5
    16. Aug: Triple Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors F9
    17. Aug: Music Player X3 Mark III
    18. Aug: Triple Driver Hybrid IEMs F9 SE (Standard Edition)
    19. Sep: DSD DAC/Amp Q1 Mark II
    20. Sep: Wireless HiFi Audio with DAC+aptX Bluetooth Amp BTR1
    21. Nov: Triple Driver IEM F9 PRO
    22. Nov: WMport to Micro USB Digital Audio Cable L27
    23. Dec: Dual Driver IEMs FH1

    E. The Year in Exhibition
    1. Jan: CES in Las Vegas
    2. Feb: Canjam NYC 2017
    3. Mar: CanJam Singapore 2017
    4. Apr: CanJam SoCal 2017
    5. May: High End Munich Show 2017
    6. Jul: CanJam London 2017
    7. Aug: 2017 Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show
    8. Sep: CanJam Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2017
    9. Nov: Guangzhou HiFi & Digital Audio Expo
    10. Nov: 2017 Autumn Headphone Festival
    11. Nov: The 38th Taipei International Audio & Art Show
    12. Dec: Portable Audio Festival 2017

    Dream big and look forward for a better 2018 to come! Happy New Year!

    Best regards,
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