2017 UK Head-Fi meet (02/Apr/2017 - Milton Keynes) - Impressions Thread

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  1. Takeanidea

    Hi Dave,
    Highendheadphones would do try buy I'll bet as does Electromod. I hear you regarding how loud people listen to their headphones. Crazy!
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  2. ElectroMod

    Hi Dave,
    Phone and ask that's really what it come down to. We try and help and much as we can but the old saying come into play don't ask don't get. so drop us an email or phone always happy to discuss things.
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  3. Middy
    That's very nice of Mark and thanks for being nice to my bored grumpy wife.
    If you ever have storage space issue's..
    I can help out with those bulky Schitt box's or those heavy LCD 4s. I also offer a free one year burning in service for your many customers.
    It's the least I can do for my fellow audiophiles :blush:
    Cheers and have fun
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  4. Acapella11
    Thank you Pedalhead fr organizing this meet and RHA and Hifi Lounge who stuck to it!

    It us invaluable to to talk to fellow enthusiasts about their gear and compare to your own.

    It is a much more personal and social event compared to the likes of CanJam, which have their own benefits.

    I absolutely enjoyed it and found myself more talking than listening, lol. Shame on me :smile: Meeting up with Colin (Hypnos), my other 2 friends (Alex and Brendon), Stefan and all the other ones whose names I don't remember :grimacing: was great. Brendon is new to the world of hps and said he really enjoyed, besides the sound, how friendly and open minded everyone was!

    My biggest point on the meet was the Hugo2. I compated it on my Questyle CMA800 with Mojo, connected by a Wireworld silver cable on my HD800. All were connected to Colin's Powerinspired Regenerator. Colin, I have to thank you for bringing that in. It makes a big difference! In hindsight, I should have brought the Titan too, lol. Back to the Hugo2. Against the Mojo, the Hugo2 produced a much blacker background as in details came out, which the Mojo produced much more blurred. Brendon said, my 24Bit Jazz song sounded "eerie". I must say he was spot on. So much clarity and precision was almost scary. I tried the 4 different digital filters and liked the "blue" one most. It generated a large stage with plenty of detail snd sounded very neutral. The Hugo2 is a significant step anove the Mojo and now on my shopping list! Just amazing. To protect my wallet, I stayed away from the DAVE, lol. But I know someone who has one..., and then there always is Paul, lol.

    The T1s also sounded amazing through Questyle and Mojo. Great combination if ever anyone looks at T1s.

    I also liked the Beyerdynamic 1770Pro, which is a closd hp. Very resolving, a touch warm, brilliant value for the money. The bass was of good quantity but slightly loose. However, the stage was greater than I anticipated for closed hps. Really, lovely closed phones.

    The Ether Cs did not float my boat. I found them detailed and easy to listen to but a bit too polite for my liking, ymmv.

    Tried Hypnos's Feliks Euforia with his directly adapter socket wired EL11s and not sure which special tubes the other ones were but it sounded very nive and a great match with his T1s but also the HD800 is anyone with HD800 wants to look into tubes...

    This meet was really quality and quantity and I am happy that also the sponsors were satisfied.

    Later more from Hypnos and my mini mini meet with Alex but yeah, Hypnos mentioned already, quality of power matters...

    Thanks everyone. It was great to see you and hear your gear!
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  5. NevilleM
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