2017 UK Head-Fi meet (02/Apr/2017 - Milton Keynes) - Impressions Thread

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  1. miketlse

    That is fast work with the test tracks.
    If you got to hear the Hugo 2 at MK, then many of us on the Hugo 2 thread would be interested in a few paragraphs describing your experience. :grinning:
  2. hypnos1
    Sure will do, m...later today...(only had very limited time with it alas - there was a big queue!! - so it'll be more like just one paragraph I'm afraid [​IMG]....but the first 20 seconds were enough anyway lol!).
  3. hypnos1
    Need to correct a major omission from the wonderful guys I met....STEFAN....with whom Olli, Alex and I had a lovely dinner at an (English)Japanese restaurant in MK after the meet - and who helped us immensely with the menu! [​IMG]....Thanks Stef!
    And on a side note, after first-timer Dave's showing of his Balanced Mains Conditioner - on top of his PowerInspired Mains Regenerator, which I also have - my eyes were further opened on this subject the next morning at Olli's place, courtesy of his mammoth 'Titan' conditioner. The end result of this, following on from his own PI, was an undeniable 'cleaning' of the sound - both from his Questyle CMA800/HD800 setup and my Feliks-Audio Euforia tube amp/T1. And to a degree I would never have previously believed possible...no placebo effect here!!
    And so this mini-meet plus the MK is going to cost me a good bit more than I ever anticipated...had thought (nay hoped!) my madness was just about cured....huh!!! [​IMG]...thank Heavens we don't have multiple meets in a year (so says my wallet, at least!)...uh, oh...CanJam London!...sigh. SEE YOU ALL THERE!!...
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  4. MayorDomino
    Big Thanks to the organisers and everyone who let me sample their stuff. The tings that impressed me most:
    The Stax SR-L700 impressed me a lot, i think i even preferred the FR to the higher end stuff, very light, very comfortable
    Schiit Valhalla, a real beast, next on my shopping list. Give me a PM if you ever wish to sell digitaldave. [​IMG]
    Fostex THX00?, loved these, really nicely built, nice comfort and great sounding. Shame i forgot to try them on the Valhalla
    Also thanks to glassmonkey for showing me what i could have won [​IMG] 
  5. digitaldave Contributor

    Something about "...from my cold, dead, hands..." comes to mind :slight_smile:.

    Edit: glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:.
  6. MayorDomino
    Hmm, Don't temp me 
  7. digitaldave Contributor

  8. Middy
    Yer thanks Dave for the demo and the Mac lesson much appreciated.
    Meeting nice people like your good self made the weekend for me.
    I hope the Ether flow at least gave you a bit more to think about even if it's not for you.
    Good luck
    Mini Dave
  9. AndrewH13

    I slept on it, rang Paul to pay for the Ether C .......... Then added the Hugo 2 :wink:. Bloody meets!
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  10. digitaldave Contributor
    @MayorDomino glad you enjoyed both the Valhalla 2 and the TH-X00, even if you didn't get to try the two together. There's some real value in the Schiit line up.
    @Middy no problem, Macs are actually not that different to Windows PCs if I'm being honest. Although the trackpad can take a bit of getting used to. As with all the headphones I listened to, I'd need to have a proper listen to the Ether Flow to get a better feel for it, so it's probably added to my audition list. I think I need to book an entire day (!) at Highend Headphones to audition everything I'd like to hear properly, as it was difficult on the day (it may have been easier in the quiet room, but I didn't spend long in there).
    One thing I did notice that struck me as odd... where were all the Grados? I know there were a couple there, but I believe they were for sale. Has demand for Grados just fallen through the floor in general? Or is it just in the UK?
  11. hypnos1

    ​Paul is WAY too nice/helpful...so nice in fact , I'm now considering companions to my T1s lol!!...(LCD X/XC?!)...
    ps  My sentiments exactly re. these meets - think I just might send Mark the bill! [​IMG]
    pps. Thanks to @miketlse, I was sold (hooked?!) before my head hit the pillow...and at least prompted me to get the 10% discount, which will more than pay for the pure silver wire, and decent(?!) 3.5mm jack & RCA plug for making a coax cable to cater for most of my needs....[​IMG]
  12. miketlse
    Glad to have been helpful. [​IMG]
    Do you order your cable-making components off the web? 
  13. pedalhead Contributor
    Paul & Wendy do have the full (I think) range of Grados in their showroom, but yes I think demand has dropped off hugely in recent years. It may have been my fault they weren't there at the meet...I did say to Wendy that if they weren't able to bring everything, then leaving the Grados behind wouldn't be the end of the world! 
  14. hypnos1

    ​Hmmm, m...not quite sure if my better half would concur on the 'help' front lol - but sometimes ignorance most certainly can be bliss...for US!! [​IMG] 
    And yes indeed...good ol' ebay...especially for the 99.9% soft-annealed pure silver wire....
  15. smial1966
    My Grado 'Magnum driver' woodies would have been on meet duty but unfortunately they've developed a fault and only play through one earcup. :frowning2:

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