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2017 UK Head-Fi Group - Music Thread

Discussion in 'Music' started by NevilleM, Sep 24, 2017.
  1. NevilleM
    Prior to the UK Group's Milton Keynes Meet in April 2017 there was a UK Head-Fiers Group competition * - suggest tracks you've enjoyed - with a prize going to the members choice.
    There is no prize this time, but the idea of the UK Group having a thread to note down their recent finds is worth continuing.
    Try to have a theme for your post - this month, recent jazz, icelandic, low bass...
    Include a link to the flac/mp3 on Bandcamp, Spotify or a website.
    Limit yourself - near the end of the year we can have "top 10" lists, but 3 to 5 per post is plenty.

    pedalhead and others may add announcements - maybe a 2018 meet - otherwise try to stick to the music

    *Links to 2017 meet/discussions
  2. NevilleM
    Daily I find myself wandering the genres/followers/feeds on Bandcamp.
    My wishlist grows and shrinks, by purchase or just nor being interesting enough to ever buy.
    I'm sure that 5 of my all-time top 10 are there, I just need to find them.

    I'm mostly a metal-head though metal has become a very broad genre and my tastes are more John Peel like.

    Colin Stetson is a bass saxophone player. That's a bit of an understatement.
    His April 2017 album "All This I Do For Glory" [experimental saxophone] will give you some idea how much.

    Not long after I ran into another Colin release for his new June 2017 progressive metal band Ex-Eye.
    If you've every wondered how a prog with lead bass saxophone would sound

    I found plenty more of Colin's solo and collaboration - 2011 with Mats Gustafsson on "Stones" [two saxophones free jazz]

    which probably strays too far into angry elephant territory to be an enjoyable listen.

    I did fnd one with violinist Sarah Neufeld - "Never Were the Way She Was". Not knowing anything about her I kept looking and found
    her solo Feb 2016 [violin] album "The Ridge"

    Back to the violin and saxophone on that April 2015 collaboration "Never Were the Way She Was".
    I admit to not having any violin/saxophone albums before finding this, even on my ECM albums.

    Just hope they get time to collaborate again.

    Having found Experimental Saxophone can Experimental Trombone be far behind...
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  3. NevilleM
    Note-by-note Piano
    I'm sure many of you are fans of Ludovico Einaudi. He's not on Bandcamp,
    Genres for Piano Solo, Post-Classical and Neo-Classical are.
    Browsing these I eventually run into both 1631 records and heklAa.

    heklAa's full discography of 7 albums cost €8.80 which is a bargain

    1631 Recordings
    Their whole discography, currently 130 albums for €346, may not seem as good a bargain as heklAa's.
    Averaging €6 each (and around 25minutes) you'd need to love about half of them to make it cheaper to buy all rather than those you love,
    So I set out listening to the first 50 or so. A recommended passtime.
    It's how I discovered Oskar Schuster's album Zehada
    It's an Edwardian Belgian Upright Piano...

    Luckily I also searched for him as an artist and found
    Sad there's no link between Zehada and the others.
    If you navigate to one of the albums, such as my favourite Sneeuwland - you'll see an option to buy the discography and sheet music
    Who would think that with piano with added mechanical/music box sounds you could get so much emotion into 3 minutes.
    Try (apologies the link doesnt play direct)

    Oskar makes up one of those 5 all-time top ten slots I mentioned.

    As a fan of Person of Interest I tried to track down versions of Philip Glass' Metamorphosis 5 which was used in the last episode (and a few feature films)
    I found (but didnt buy) "Bach Glass Worms" - here's the link to that track to remind you how it sounds

    and noticed on the same label "Canto Ostinato" - a piece for two piano's.
    If you enjoyed The Stranglers "Golden Brown" then here it is in 1 track - 106 sections.
    Probably you'll never manage to come in with the words "Golden Brown"

    Next time Stoner Doom...
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2017

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