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2017 Audio Technica new flagship ATH-ADX5000

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by seeteeyou, Aug 11, 2017.
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  1. ewhere
    Hmmm i think the bass quality in adx5k is quite good, and enough quantity. To what are you comparing?
  2. chimney189
    The Ether 2, HD 800 and LCD2C
  3. ewhere
    adx5k defo has more bass quantity than HD800S, I haven't heard the Ethear 2 nor the LCD2C, what would be an accurate bass reproduction for you? And how the 3 headphones you mention compare to ADX5K in bass quality? You deem them more accurate or?
  4. WHO23
    Audio-Technica ATH-ADX5000 Measurements:
    (MiniDSP EARS. Purr1n's compensation. 1/12 smoothing)

    500Hz 84dB normalized: Default Alcantara Pads (red) VS ZMF Aeolus Pads (blue)

    4kHz Peak normalized: Default Alcantara Pads (red) VS ZMF Aeolus Pads (blue)
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2019
  5. kid vic
    Here you go, $600 on drop so a touch over your budget. You might be able to find one used in the 339 thread for less though.

  6. lithiumnk
    I recently upgraded to benchmark hpa4 from v281. I have not tried many amps with my DAC but hpa4 is leagues ahead of v281. The driver control is unbelievable. The bass control, timing, layering & both quality & quantity have increased. ADX5k are rumblin'. HPA4 has no signature of its own so its basically amplifying the upstream gear. Other than the bass performance the mids are full bodied, life like, transparent & airy. The timbre is spot on. The trebles are neither harsh nor sibilant but more natural, extended without any loss of detail. There is no background noise which translates into more realistic sound & more plankton retrieval. The transient attack & decay have a near perfect balance & are bodied...never thin. There is no FATIGUE on prolonged listening. The texture across the frequency is TOTL imo. Its like listening to a very refined high end tube amp.
    In short I am describing my DAC instead of the amp.
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  7. cafedelmar82
    Hi, also own at adx5000 with deconi not fenestrated sheepskin earpads-really superb upgrade which improves the bass to more fullness, mids just superb. I was deciding between them and HD800s..to me HD800s has totally unreal soundstage like putting the head into a fish tank. I was comparing the sound signature even with Meze Empyrean, still prefer Adx5000 a bit. But hands up Meze really is superb product. If we come to pairing it is interesting that at 420 ohms Am quite happy with Dragon fly red, Dragonfly Cobalt sound even better, Mojo is great match on to go, Hugo2 is real portable reference. Finally the best desktop dac/amps pairing for me is with At Ha5050h. Beautifully balanced, extraordinary symmetry between ss and tube amping, signature touch on the sweet side with great detail and punch.
  8. chimney189
    I’m starting to think that my pair really is a demo pair. Like someone else said earlier, they felt like the demo pair was less sibilant which is what I’m experiencing. But maybe this is a blessing.
  9. Sp12er3
    What does demo pair even mean? Why would it have different tuning?
    The only thing i know about pre production models (which i think you mean?) are they have frames that makes a lot of creaking noise.
  10. Mightygrey
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