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2015 vsonic iem lineup VSD2, VSD7, VSD9

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  1. squallkiercosa
  2. jarrett
    What's the latest on the VSD7, D9? What's the VSD2 supposed to sound like?
  3. Selenium
    So it was an April Fool's joke!
    squallkiercosa likes this.
  4. suman134

     We all do.
  5. peter123

  6. suman134

     Whats wrong in there. When you commit to it, You should fulfill it.
    And i wonder, Why are you worried?
  7. suman134
      Lets see what it is. Not exactly worries until i m getting that AN16.
  8. squallkiercosa
    It's a matter of attitude. 
    Complaining will change the situation definitely... It will hurry the whole process. 
  9. B9Scrambler
    They were a spur of the moment purchase for me...so I'm more than happy to keep waiting :)
  10. Atomj
    Some things are worth waiting for....
  11. B9Scrambler

    You got it! The AN16 is something worth waiting for....hopefully, lol.
  12. suman134

     No it wont, but one should let this company know that he or she is annoyed. Raise a voice maybe. So that they wont do this next time on.
    Clearly not willing to encourage this practice of delaying. They should not commit like this.
     And, i dont see much people complaining. Can you?
  13. squallkiercosa
    Last thing I want is to be rude but,
    The VSD3 took a year to come out, the VSD5 was delayed by a few months, the VSD7 will be probably ready by 2017 and the VSD9 and the portable amp for 2019. Annoyed by a week? the package will take more than a week in customs in your country before you touch them. Be realistic.
    We are early adopters, therefore we are exposed to the problems, risks, and annoyances common to early-stage product testing and deployment. The customer is sometimes given preferential pricing, terms, and conditions....
    Vsonic is not a mega corporation with thousands of underpaid workers, we are talking about a relatively small company making a name in the audio industry with good proposals at affordable prices. 
    Lucius and B9Scrambler like this.
  14. Burns11
    All that is beside the point, if someone lays down money to buy a thing, they have the right to complain. They might be tilting at windmills, but if they want to waste time doing so, so be it.

    The bigger issue here is this is the second time you've come into this thread, sounding a bit of a jerk, railing against posts that don't exist and derailing the thread for half a page or more trying to defend the really snide accusatory thing you posted.
  15. DarrenJamRock
    They offered a refund for anyone who does not want to wait. That is fair enough. If you don't want to wait, instead of complaining which does nothing to expedite the process, one can simply get a refund. 
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