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2015 - Sony PHA - 1A Portable Hi-Res DAC/Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by audiobreeder, Jan 8, 2015.
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  1. Karnoffel
    Has anyone measured the output impedance on this amplifier? The product description on Sony's website doesn't tell me anything.
  2. Xtraforcz
    Most people guess it is approx. 10ohm as it uses the same TPA6120A2 chip as its older brother PHA-1. But I am okay with it using ATH-M50x. Sound quite bright.
  3. Xtraforcz
    Diy bumper semi case happen when the owner is too protective.
  4. YamaVega
    LOL! but yeah, a case would be good, as the frame gets scratched or dented easily
  5. balleklorin
    New phone (Sony Xperia XZ) with USB-C connection. Tried a USB-micro to USB-C adapter but didn't work. Xperia XZ didn't find PHA-1A. Any idea what's the problem? 
  6. dbdynsty25
    Ahhh yes, the lovable Android ecosystem.  I've found that about half of the devices I've tried do not work w/ external amps over usb, like the PHA-1A, HA2, C5D...and half do work.  I had issues w/ phones like the Galaxy S7, but the Pixel and the OnePlus 3T work perfectly.  Go figure.  It's how each manufacturer decides to send audio over USB.
  7. balleklorin
    Maybe something with USB-C adapter not OTG compatible?
  8. NoMythsAudio
    Help please.
    Need OTG cable (preferably no adapter, like the one that came with Oppo Ha-2) that will plug straight into an android phone and Sony PHA-1A or PHA-2A. I want to buy one and have looked into the documentation online, I don't think there's an otg cable included in the package. Included is Micro-B cable for pc/mac connection and cables for Xperia and Walkman.
    Please note, my phone is NOT a type C, so I don't need recommendations along that line.
    Hope someone can help.
  9. Xtraforcz
    Micro usb is the same port for android, xperia and walkman device. I've used the xperia walkman cable on my samsung J7 no issue at all. In contrast, usb port for apple products is not that great. My ipod touch will not recognise my PHA 1A whenever i pause my songs on the lockscreen and need to plug in the cable again or turn on the amp again. Anyone have this issue?
  10. amrbadrawy
    How is this AMP/DAC compared to creative Sound Blaster E5 considering the sonic quality, Of course the Sound Blaster E5 exceeds Sony in functionality and settings but i'm concerned with the sound quality
  11. Bepli
    Got the same setup. In the phone u need to press check for USB device. Than it works normal
  12. Bepli
    Soundblaster sound really bad compared. Creative is not known for producing really quality stuff
    amrbadrawy likes this.
  13. Jackson 6
    Had it well over a year, and it still shines. Would not need to upgrade even with the Audeze entry phones.
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  14. Tagheuer
    Hi there, is it suitable this device for SONY NW -A35 series?If yes how it was improvement in sound. I am use AudioTechnica ATH IM01, and Sennheiser HD -598 headphones,Thanks.
  15. freitz
    Judging by the lack of enthusiasm in this thread. I would say this is not a good amp dac for travel?
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