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2015 - Sony PHA - 1A Portable Hi-Res DAC/Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by audiobreeder, Jan 8, 2015.
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    Brand New from Sony Website. Looks like another beutiful toy, looks pretty simple hopefully the price will be simple too.


  2. Prophet293
    Is this a new revision of the PHA-1?
  3. CJG888
    ...only without the clever "stacking" form factor!
  4. RedJohn456
    If this is apple certified and can bypass iPod DAC, I am gonna get this as my first portable amp :3  and will have to buy an iPod as well lol
  5. Prophet293
    All the Sony PHA models can do this
  6. RedJohn456

    Welp there goes my money lol
  7. Prophet293
    It looks like the PHA-1A is basically the PHA-2 without DSD playback-abilitt. It's also smaller than the original PHA-1 and iPhone 4. 
  8. RedJohn456

    I hope its priced lower and I don't need DSD playbook so it works out. 
  9. Prophet293
    I totally don't see the point f DSD playback on a portable device, not to mention that's almost no DSD content out there
  10. audionewbi

    You are better off buying the new Walkman a series than any other thing if you want the best stacking and portability.
    registradus likes this.
  11. RedJohn456
    Same here, most of my stuff is streamed on the go.
    I want to be able to listen to music off of spotify and youtube hence the use of an iPod :)
  12. emarshal
    Link to the product on Sony's website with some specs: http://www.sony-asia.com/product/pha-1a


    1. Enjoy powerful sound on the go in a sleek, pocket-sized amplifier
    2. Compatible with High-Resolution Audio formats (192kHz/24bit)
    3. Digital connection for Walkman®, Xperia®, iPhone/iPad/iPod®
    4. Features high quality components for well-balanced, natural sound
    5. Immerse in spacious, three-dimensional soundstage
    6. Engineered for the best listening experience with MDR-1A & Walkman® A10
    PCM: Max. 192kHz/24bit
    Approx. 148mW + 148mW (8Ω, 10% distortion) Approx. 80mW + 80mW (32Ω, 1% distortion) Approx. 16.4mW + 16.4mW (300Ω, 10% distortion)
    Stereo mini jack (Only a 3-pole stereo mini plug is supported)
    Computer/WALKMAN®/Xperia connecting port, iPhone/iPad/iPod® connecting port
    Built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery
    Approx. 6h
    Approx. 2h
    Approx. 62 x 18.5 x 109 mm
    Approx. 145g
    Digital cable for WALKMAN®, Digital cable for Xperia®, Micro-USB cable, Silicone belts and Protection sheet

    Nice find. It says engineered \ best listening experience with 1A & A10. So I'm guessing it's not going to be better than PHA2.
    Looks completely different in looks from any PHA series let alone PHA1.

    They should have named it something different unless it's some kind of marketing ploy for the PHA1 owners to buy 1A.
  15. audionewbi
    I have read somewhere that they are using wolfson dac.
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