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2012 CanJam @ RMAF (Rocky Mountain Audio Fest) -- Come and hang out with thousands of fellow audio enthusiasts!

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  1. jazzerdave
    I'll do what I can.  I do like shrimp...
  2. longbowbbs
    On a good note my CSP2+ is packed and ready for shipping from Decware!
  3. miceblue

    Actually the Inspiration is decent-sounding based on my tests at the Apple Store. I didn't know they were noise cancelling though. IIRC, the UE6000 seemed better sonically.
  4. Mortalcoil
    So how is the meet?  Any impressions?
  5. 1FakeAccount1
    to anyone over there, can you please look for the new cypher labs algorythm solo? i have already ordered it, and i want to know the new features.
  6. rmappita
  7. HiFiGuy528
    WOW!!!  I WANT IT!!!
  8. elwappo99
    Yeah, what Mortalcoil said....   I think Schiit might have something new? Any comments?
  9. asak
    Was just there. Talked to pete millet for about 30 mins on amp design. Real nice dude, the little i know about them but willing to share some stuff. The portable glacier sounds phenomenal, from talk of the design it should be. 
    Everyone was real cool. Fireeye/furutech/earsonics distributor hooked me up with a free fireye mini randomly. UE folks were cool. Harveys always dope. alo etc. 
  10. longbowbbs
    asak, we appreciate the impressions...Any photos would be appreciated!
    Man it is a bummer I had to cancel....
  11. Steve Eddy
    Nevermind. D'oh! [​IMG]
  12. Mortalcoil
    Have to admit Im slightly surprised that no impressions so far.  Where are all the reports on the new toys we get to drool over?  I remember back in the day when the action was fast and furious during Can Jam with updates on the hour almost like a play by play.  Pictures of all the new stuff was flooding in.
    Perhaps Im posting this rant of mine in the wrong section and as I speak there is another thread overflowing with gushing reports.
    If thats the case forgive my pesty winy brat like rant. [​IMG]
  13. bcschmerker4
    Any information on the tubes that the Studio Six uses?  (I count two twin triodes, two beam power tubes, one fulll-wave rectifier (a 5Y3 common to 250VDC amps, or a different type?), and one tube on the end that I can't identify.)
  14. Maxvla Contributor
    I didn't go this year. Last year's play by play was mostly me.
  15. MacedonianHero Contributor
    So you're the one to blame for the lack of play by play for this year's RMAF. [​IMG]
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