2009 Silver Millett Minimax w/ Extras - Superb Quality - Sold
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Jan 3, 2009
I'm selling a near-mint 2009 Millett MiniMax (MMM) from Whiplash to help fund my iBasso OEM project.

Along with the MMM, I'm including, at no charge, a Centech Multimeter w/Backlight, a Bourns Trimpot adjuster and an extra set of tubes, the Sylvania 12FM6, in addition to the 12AE6 tubes (A description of the two sets of tubes further below). I'm asking for $360 for everything, shipping included. However, I'm Willing to Negotiate! Give me your best offer.

Whiplash now sells the MMM for $461, shipped. Add the extras, and you're around $485, with shipping.

For those who are on the fence, here are some of my (biased) thoughts.

The MMM is a really great "starter" tube amp - the warm, sweet, analog tube sound, with only a minimal of intimidation of working with tubes. Despite my relative inexperience with tube amps, it only took a few minutes to get it up and running...

Of course, there is nothing more important than SQ. As a hybrid, the MMM combines the liquid, silky midrange that are prized by tube lovers with the solid, impactful bass for those who don't want to give up solid state amps...

The MMM also has a rock solid build that could probably survive WW III. All metal case, no plastic components...


The two sets of tubes:

1) The Sylvania 12FM6 tubes are a great all-around tube set with a perfect balance of sweet sparkley highs, silky smooth midrange and plenty of impact in the lows.

Very good for any music genre, but the brilliant detail of these tubes are especially good for acoustic, symphonic and singer-songwriter type songs.

2) Or, try the Matsushiita 12AE6 tubes if you want a viscous, visceral bass impact, slam like a jackhammer and an aggressive, searing midrange.

These tubes are super high gain and can drive even the most demanding headphones. A great pairing with brighter cans like Grados.


Whiplash's product info:

**NEW and IMPROVED**The Millett Hybrid MiniMAXed, or Millett MiniMAX, or MiniMAX for short, is a vacuum tube and discrete solid state hybrid headphone amplifier. It is the latest refinement in a series of headphone amplifiers that began with Pete Millett, its namesake. The Millett MiniMAX was designed by Colin Toole (cetoole) to incorporate many new features and advances previously unavailable, while still adhering to the famous Millett heritage. Two new outstanding features distinguish the MiniMAX from its predecessors:

1) A superior low-noise power supply. The standard configuration has been optimized for less than 0.040mVAC in the power supply, measured at V+ and Gnd, with the tubes burning and the buffers biased at 50ma each. This is outstandingly low noise performance for a linear regulated power supply. Moreover, this is all imbedded in the PCB design - only requiring a 24VAC wall wart for complete power.

2) A custom-machined case from Lansing Enclosures, designed by Tom Blanchard (tomb). Based on their "DT1" case design, the MiniMAX is optimized for the smallest.

Nichicon Muse ES boutique output capacitors (at CA7)
VitaminQ 0.18µF boutique output bypass capacitors (at CA8)
Nichicon Muse ES boutique cathode bypass capacitors (at CA2)
Wima MKP 10 film capacitors used in all amplifier film capacitor locations
Panasonic FM at all electrolytic power capacitor positions

2SA2344/2SA1011 BJT pair - set at 55mA class A bias
Transistors types matched within 2%

Alps RK27 ("Blue Velvet") potentiometer
Vishay resistors throughout, except R1 (heater voltage knockdown)
22R KOA/Kiwame output resistors

24VAC, 750mA wall plug power transformer (for 120V wall outlet)
AC input internally fused with 1A slow blow
Tube circuit and Discrete Buffer protected internally with a 0.5A Polyfuse.
Power supply set at 27VDC internally

Kilo machined aluminum volume knob
Neutrik silver plated 1/4" headphone jack
Gold plated, Teflon insulated RCA jacks

4 wire litz braid signal wiring using the new Whiplash Audio CFDCT-UP-OCC wire
22AWG silver plated copper power wiring.

Orange tube lights
Case mounted test points for tube bias
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Jul 2, 2005
Don't let this one get away!

The MMM is one of the best... far more than a "starter tube amp" - it rivals the best... at a bargain price!
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May 5, 2009
I can vouch for the millet max, which is in the millet family, probably a big brother. The thought, experimentation, implementation of these amps is superb! You simply get a wonderful, tweakable, tube amp that gives more expensive, brand name amps a good run for their money!

Just look at the forums for this amp. In my opinion, these amps have no equal in this price range!

No, I don't know this kind gentleman selling this amp, either. I just truly enjoy mine, and wanted to share my experience, so that someone else may be blessed with the sweet sound of a millet amp!

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