$200 for SIMPLE/COMFY headphones!
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Mar 18, 2010
Hello Head-Fi Users,

I am looking to find a pair of over the ear headphones that i can wear around while i walk around in school or sit at home. I'd prefer it to be something not too heavy and comfortable to have on for hours. The type of music i listen to is korean pop and lots of ballads. I mostly listen through music on my laptop and my iphone, so something convenient would be nice.

I've been searching and reading this forum for hours and still have no idea what is what. I don't know about any cords or replacing this or that, hence i'd like something that doesn't require any modification that sounds PRIMO for $200. I guess if the suggestion is THAT much better and is only a little more, I'll take your guys word for it.

Please help me out as i've searched for headphones and read this forum about 5 months ago but got such a huge headache from so many brands, i gave up. Thanks in advance for chiming in.


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Ultrasone DJ1, HFI580 or HFI780.......
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I tried on a pair of Sennheiser PX100 II on the weekend and they sound very pleasant and were super comfortable for on ear portables. They are open back so let in alot of sound though but consequently have a nice sound stage.

I have tried and found the JVC HAM750 to be very comfortable, they are a closed headphone that has good prices but is a bit boomy in my opinion, in my case I took them back as they were not worth the $99 pricetage they sell for in Canada.

I have also tried the Shure 840 and 440, both are pretty comfortable with the 840 being the most comfortable but the least portable. The 840 is harder to drive than the 440 but has better bass, midrange, and treble with a bit more resolution and sound stage. I have heard the 440 can hurt but that it can also use the 840's pads making it more comfortable.

I have owned and sold the Audio Technica ES7 and would not recommend it due to comfort issues but it did sound very nice.

If you live in the US I would probably suggest getting a pair of Creative Labs Aurvana which is the same as the Denon D1001. Costco US had a heck of a deal hopefully they are still available. I have not personally heard these but trust Jokers review on them and have heard the Denons which sounded not bad as at all.

Finally if you want another option for open headphones that are not true portables but fairly comfortable (at least they didn't bother me when I tried them) I would suggest looking at the Allesandro MS1, they are a modified Grado that has a bit more bass and slightly tamer mids and highs. The pairs I have tried all sounded wonderfull for rock, especially guitars. But again they leak sound and let sound it. They also do not have a huge sound stage by the way as compared to most open headphones.
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I'd definitely recommend the Shure 440s over the 880s for the same reasons dweaver stated; easier to drive and sound better unamped than the 880s do.

The Sennheiser HD25s have great bass and isolations.
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I too will vote for the Sennheriser PX100 it is very comfortable and it is one of the most beloved light weight headphone here(aside from Koss Portapro?) Give the px100 a try and it is inexpensive IMO
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Originally Posted by Young Spade /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I'd definitely recommend the Shure 440s over the 880s for the same reasons dweaver stated; easier to drive and sound better unamped than the 880s do.

The Sennheiser HD25s have great bass and isolations.

But if you decide to go with the srh 840 be sure to get a amp
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i'll be honest. reading all the posts there's some terminology that i don't understand such as "drive" and "get an amp" referring to the shure's? but none the less, you guys are all pretty knowledgeable and thanks for chiming in. so i'm guessing that from the conclusion of the posts so far it's either the Shure 440's or the sennheiser px100? 200? I'll sit on this and do some homework and over the meantime i'll hope more people can give me good suggestions as well. Thanks in advance
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When we say easier to drive we refer to how much juice a set of headphones needs to sound it's best. Harder to drive headphones need to be connected up to a special headphone amp versus just your source (sources are Ipods, computer sound cards, etc).

So the 840 needs an amp to sound right. The 440 on the other can be driven fairly comfortably straight from your source.

The next question you might want to ask yourserlf is whether you want isolation or not. The 440 will block out a fair amount of outside noise and not leak much music out to those around you. But it will also sound closed because of this. This type of headphone achieves it's isolation by having a closed shell and is called a closed headphone. The PX200 is another form of close headphone but one with slightly less isolation. The PX100 on the other hand has a mesh and foam shell versus a closed one and is refered to as an open headphone. This means it will let in more outside noise and people will be able to hear what your listening to if you are playing music loudly or they are sitting near you. This type of headphone has a more open spacious sound.

All three headphones are pretty decent entry level phones that will play most genre's of music OK and they will all blow the socks off of the generic buds that come with any Ipod or MP3 player.

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