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2 weeks old Victor / JVC FX700 open woodie IEM

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by flame, Oct 25, 2011.
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  1. flame
    For Sale
    Selling a pair of 2 weeks old Victor fx700.
    It was purchased through a Japanese dealer on ebay.
    Paid $390 for it. After spending 30 hrs burning in, realizing it is not the sound that im looking for.
    Still in search of my perfect IEM, so will let this go at a good price
    All acessories will be included, Japanese warranty card as well.
    Condition is like brand new.
    Price has already included the shipping cost to anywhere. Accept paypal with verified address.
    Pictures coming soon when i get the camera tonight.
  2. Chefano
  3. SaigonGrandFunk
  4. SaigonGrandFunk
    Hi Flame,
    Gift has been sent!
    Now the waiting game......
  5. SaigonGrandFunk
    Hello Flame,
    Is it SOLD?
    Wonder if you have paypal payment sent (to your email) yesterday?
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