2 questions about Ultrasone 780. user's help!
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Aug 9, 2008
im thinking of buying these headphones as they r well rated for electronic music thats what i listen to, will be used with my new macbook pro 13/ and i just have two questions for everyone here before i make the jump.

1) dac/amp combo - do i really need it.? im no audiophile but if it helps them i wouldnt mind buying one. suggestions?

2) do give me some suggesttions on how u would use it with a macbook pro.
or how u are using them in your current setup

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I first used them directly out of my Cowon D2.
Now I have this :
laptop => M-audio audiophile USB ( DAC ) => Mini Millet => HFI780
The amp really improved the sound. The DAC was also a improvement but no as much as the amp.
Also, using a DAC gives me the possibility to play with the equalizer much more prcisely than i could on the D2.
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I use my 780 at work. I use Zune 80 -> D3 Python -> HFI780.

Directly out of the Zune it is noticeably weaker, but still tolerable. I'm not sure how the Macbook output is, but it should be fine without a dac/amp. An amp would definitely bring out more clarity though.
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ok since im going to bangkok and there have a much bigger collections of amps + dac's then where i am (india) here's a list of what i found online so could u help me choose?

GO-VIBE Petite+Dac - 5950
ZERO DAC - 6590
Nuforce AMP = 4,290.-
Carat HD1V - 6500
Ibasso D10 - 9990 (do i need this) or anything else from ibasso (recomendations)
Carat Peridot - 10000
pa2v2 amp - 3000
little dot mk1 - 4590
fubar - 8000
darkvoice figaro - 8000

any other suggestions r most welcome, ill try n look em up there, thanx to some friends from head-fi thailand
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Originally Posted by toxicdrift /img/forum/go_quote.gif
those numbers r just the approx prices of those products in thai baht,

Is it possible for you to provide me with the links. Cheers...

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