2 cans. 1 amp.
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Sep 9, 2002
at first i was only saving up to get a MGHead for my belove hd580... then came the dreadful threads where the damned CD3000s were getting raves like there is no tomorrow
a CD3000 could be had for around $275 or so (used), hell i thought i might give it a try - you know what they say, you never know what ya missing. ..
now that CD3000 are known to have a good synergy with x-can, but dismal when paired with the MGHead, acquiring the sony forces me to consider a different amp that could drive both cans happily. upper boundary went up to around $1.8k as i am breaking my piggy bank to achieve a full system...

currenty i have :

HD580(canare modded cables, an equinox equivalent)

i been hearing good things about ZOTL+cd3000 combo... how much does ZOTL go for? oh wait a minute, i shouldnt leave out a source that wouldnt bottleneck the other parts in the chain...
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If you really have $1800 to spend I'm sure people will give you some alternative suggestions for spending it rather than buying a CD3000 and matching amp. I hang around here quite a bit and I didn't see any 'raves' about the CD3000 -- same old, same old, mostly, with a few people claiming it can sound really good with the perfect amp and other claiming it sounds like **** with anything.

I really don't know. But I do know that it won't be possible to find a single amp that drives both the CD3000 and your 580s really well. And you should expect really well if you're willing to spend almost two grand.

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Hmm, I'd say split the money. The panasonic 470 will IS NOT a source worthy of your hd580s/mghead. So, I'd spend: 700 on Earmax Pro(iirc), and the rest (1100) on a source. Anyone else agree?
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In you case, I would suggest you to split the money to buy an amp and a CD player.


I hang around here quite a bit and I didn't see any 'raves' about the CD3000

Obviously you haven't been here long enough.

I tested the Grado 325, X-can and Cary 308 CD player combo yesterday. The result wasn't as good as I though it should be.
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PC Corp, the CD3000 has a loyal little clique, but overall they're not so well regarded. And even of those who are fans, a lot of them claim that they like them because they're the best 'movie cans,' whatever that means.

I don't think too many Head-Fiers will recommend the CD3000 in a $1800 setup.

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ahhh... let me clearify my earlier post.
1.8k bit was about all i have in that piggy bank, but i dont intend to spend over $500 on an amp unless its a significant improvement over better deals (if they exist) that offer more bang for buck. $700 for EMP is already pushin it, sorta

lets narrow it down a bit....

CD3000 : ~$300 (used)
source : a well rounded CDP with no frills ~$300
amp(tubed) : ~$500
amp(SS) : ~$150
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If you can, try to hear the CD-3000 with the Musical Fidelity X-Can v2 (with a decent set of tubes). It won't bring out all the definition the CD-3000 is capable of, but it will have a pretty decent frequency response, and is one of the best bass combinations I've heard. (My X-Can has the X-PSU power supply, no longer available, and I recently upgraded the op-amps, but my comments apply to before the op amp upgrade).
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hirsch : thats what got me thinkin in the first place; x-can reportedly is a good match with a cd3000, but a few notches downgrade for the hd580. instead of gettin an amp each dedicated to respective cans, i might as well get one amp that could drive them both quite well...

andrzejpw : the SS i have in mind is a lightweight, portable or totable and operable with batteries. i only wanted a SS as a backup when the tube amp would be inaccessible. in other words, i am gettin a tube amp AND an (inexpensive) SS at the same time...

come to think of it, even if i get a decent CDP, i would still be spending equally as much time on my computer, if not more. right now i am torn between m-audio 2496 route or art di/o + CDT...
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CFC, there's nothing wrong with the X-Can/HD-580 combo. The X-Can v2 is equally at home with the Sennheiser and the CD-3000, IMO. The X-Can v2 with an upgraded power supply (X-PSU has been discontinued and can be expensive when found, though) and a good set of tubes is a good amp for both of these headphones, IMO. If you're into DIY, the op amp in the X-Can can be upgraded to make it better still.
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thx for your steady input hirsch... the problem here is that i am not entirely sure if i am really gonna settle for a x-can... sure tis no slouch, but either morreto or MGHead is supposed to beat it hands down with the senn, correct? headmaster is a no go for the sony from all accounts, doesnt ZOTL come with $700ish price tag? come to think of it, there is a dude selling a x-can v2 with a homebuilt x-psu for like $200 o_o
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Yep, price tag on ZOTL is around $750 + shipping, and worth every penny
I haven't heard the MG Head (got to fix that someday). The Moretto is really nice with Senns, but availability and reliability are questionable. Mine is in pieces right now. David Moretto is trying to get a replacement, but it's ominous that he doesn't have anything in stock... The Moretto is (was) a very clean tube amp, while the X-Can is a hybrid, with a leaner kind of sound. It's not that one is better than the other...they are very different types of sound. There's no way the Moretto can drive the Sony without an impedance matcher, though, and that does cause some sonic degradation.
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get yourself a cheery of a source and then upgrade your amp later. or, i like the rega planet 2000 and i got mine brand new for $855.

then get the sugden headmaster or rkv.. and some decent cables and spend the rest on cds.

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