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1MORE Triple Driver IEM vs HiFiMAN RE-400?

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  1. Jimster480

    I think you asked this in another thread.
    The Shure SE215 were said to be worse.
    Not sure how you can find the Triple's uncomfortable.... You can always change the tips that it uses to other 3rd party ones aswell. And you can always EQ out the bass if you think there is too much of it (there certainly isn't). You might need to wait for them to break in some.
  2. Siegfried2d

    Thanks man
  3. pufftissue
    I seem to login just to complain about the RE-400, but it's only because I love them so much.  But anyone who buys them at this point are suckers, because all of us owners can't emphasize enough how fragile these are.  They will break.  And soon.  It is a 100% certainty.  You would have to buy 4 pairs a year, which is fine if you want to do that, but on principle alone no one should support such fragile headphones.  It's really too bad.  The non-existent build quality overshadows everything else about these IEMs.  TLDR; do not buy them, even for $1. Period.  Don't even take them if someone offers you them for free. You'll just be disappointed when they quit working.
  4. Jimster480

    You are talking about the RE-400 right, not the 1More triple drivers?
    Just to clarify.
  5. pufftissue
    Yes the re-400 falls apart for everyone. The triples are quite good regarding build. For $99 it's a bargain.
  6. chodaranger
    I'm on my second pair. The spot where the strain relief joins the housing is a major point of failure.
    I've narrowed down my search to the 1More, RHA MA750 and Shozy Zero.
    Can anyone compare those? I'm not a looking whichever of those is the closest to reference.
  7. Jimster480

    Go to the 1More Quads then because those are alot closer than the triples and are overall amazing
  8. chodaranger
    Thanks for the tip! Price is almost double, which is ok if the build quality is there. But if I'm considering spending $200 that opens a whole new world of possibilities!
  9. Jimster480

    The build quality is better than the triples I can tell you that.
  10. EricDH
    It's a while back that I listened almost daily to the SE215. But these are a bit bass oriented too, with the highs falling a bit behind. So if you don't like your One More's because you find them too bassy, I am not sure you would find the SE215 an improvement. But, I never heard the One More's, so I can't compare.
  11. cambiasolinka
    What about hifiman re 600?
    Has anyone tried re600? It seems like It is a lot sturdier than re400.

    And do not get Yamaha eph100 too, cuz the left side won't work after the first few months.
  12. Jimster480
    This is not the thread for that, this thread is about the 1More Triple drivers.
  13. ncristia
    i've only had the re-400 for a couple of weeks, they are a little bass shy but what they have is PRaT in spades. Pace , rhythm, and timing. Listening to Genesis "Cinema show" from Selling England by the Pound and Phil Collins drumming through these little gems was mesmerizing. I have heard the re-600s V2 is sturdier but can't speak from experience. The re-400 for $49 is a good buy.
  14. buke9
    Only heard the 400's briefly bit that was enough for me I'll stick with the 1 Mores.
  15. Jimster480
    Triple driver is an insane value for the money!
    I loved mine until I got the Quads, which are better in every way but double the price.
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