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1MORE Triple Driver IEM vs HiFiMAN RE-400?

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  1. AudiophileAri
    You know you can buy from 1MORE USA at 1more.com  2 day shipping
  2. Hatmann
  3. ikks
    RE-400 vs 1More:
    lighter, comfortable
    clean sound, mid-oriented earphones, detailed highs, bass lacks quantity (still has quality)
    suitable for instrumental music.
    1More vs RE-400:
    bigger and heavier
    sound seems to be complete, with better bass extension, punchier (might be 'bassier' for some)
    better soundstage
    suitable for all genres.
    harder to drive
    In terms of comfort, RE-400 >> 1More.
    In terms of sound quality, 1More Triple Driver simply performs better by having a complete sound. There's a better balance between bass, mids and highs.
    My 0.02$
  4. Hatmann
    Many thanks!
    Are the 1Mores comfortable for over-the-ear use?
  5. ikks
    Not at all. These are meant to be worn with cable going directly down, not over the ear. Tried it and it feels awkwardly uncomfortable. 
  6. canali
    can't beat chi-fi for value, can you?
    i just ordered a pair, too.
    also the hifiman RE-00 redux from massdrop.
  7. ilikeiem
    I'm not gonna waste my time comparing them. I will go for 1MORE triple drivers.
  8. dakslf
    My RE-400's are falling apart. I would never buy them again. The 1MORE's build quality is 100% better. I would say the comparisons in this thread are accurate. I prefer the sound of the 1MOREs. The 400's sound thin compared to the 1MOREs.
  9. fonkepala
    Just bought this from Aliexpress. Looking forward to getting and testing it. Everyone here still using and loving theirs?
  10. lurkusmaximus
    Yep. Still a great value.
  11. johanchandy
    Same, I was surprised by how poorly built my re-400's were. 
  12. Lazer72
    How do the 1MORE's compare to the RHA MA750i?
    I listen to classical and instrumental soundtracks.
    That tends to mean solid tight bass with clear treble and smooth mids.
    I'm wondering which one to go for.
    What's the build quality like, I know the MA750 are built from stainless steel and can only be worn up?
    Thank you
  13. DonRadlauer

    I'm not familiar with the MA750i, so I can't give you a comparison.
    The Triple Drivers are very solidly built, and offer strong sound reproduction - the general consensus seems to be that you'd have to spend a lot more money to equal or exceed them. (I can't personally vouch for this, as the Triples are the most expensive 'phones I've tried so far.) They offer only fairly shallow insertion (unlike ear-f_ckers like my Vsonic VC-02's), and are only really usable with the cables down. I wasn't super-happy with the fit I was getting with the included tips, perhaps because the thick, angled nozzles aren't at the exact angle as my ear canals; I've substituted SpinFit CP100-L's, and they've helped a lot.
    The Triples' sound profile has been described as relatively balanced, with a slight "V" profile; my own impression confirms this. Listening to a variety of music (largely Indian classical and jazz, with a smattering of other stuff) with equalization set to all-flat, I've found nothing to complain about - nothing in the sound appears to be missing, and nothing seems to be over-emphasized. Isolation, as you'd expect with shallow-insertion 'phones, is nothing special; but other than that, I'm very happy with my Triples.
  14. StrangeloveMD
    What about Fiio Ex1 / Dunu Titan 1?
    They're consideraby cheaper... Anybody could offer a direct comparison?
  15. Siegfried2d
    Has anyone compared the One More with the Shure se 215?. I own the one more triple driver and I found they are not confortable at all. Sound is good, a Little bassy for me. I think they sound way better with modern music, electronica mostly. Not that good with alternative rock. I never tested the Shure se 215. Any suggestion?
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