1MORE Announces New Quad Driver IEM @ CES 2017

  1. dweaver
    I enjoy my Quads a lot as well. They really are a good IEM that work well with a lot of genres.
  2. Jimster480
    Listening to them right now :)

    As I am most days!
  3. SomeGuyDude
    Boomsound is basically just making a bigass V-curve. It probably helps when you're using the stock earbuds but anything else? Hell no.
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  4. Jimster480
    Yep, its to give the stock speakers more bass so people think they sound better lol
  5. pataburd
    Running the Emotiva Little Ego dac into the KMF Audio headphone amp. The 1More Quads sound really very good with this front end arrangement. Listening to "House on a Hill" from Gary Burton's Reunion album. The bass exhibits better weight and pitch definition with the KMF (a great little amp in its own right). A sweet, liquid, dynamic and detailed/nuanced listen over the 1Mores--memorable, even. These IEMs have really come into their own and become my go-tos whenever I am on the laptop.
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  6. pataburd
    Just upgraded the USB cable (from stock to the USB Disruptor w/DaBig Genius). The 1More Quads scale up well with a heightened sense of openness and attention to more subtle detail. The appetizing tonality of the Quads, across the frequency spectrum, infuses the real "magic" into the listen for me.
  7. Jimster480
    Upgraded what usb cable?
    USB cables cannot cause distortion as the data is digital, any "difference" you are seeing as a result of a USB cable to your DAC is nothing more than perception.
    The only thing that USB cables can "clean up" is if your DAC cuts out due to incredible electromagnetic interference against a poorly shielded cable
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  8. pataburd
    Listening to Kraftwerk (3-D The Catalogue remasters): "The Model". Big sound from a small IEM. The Quads definitely do this track justice.
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  9. SomeGuyDude
    Yeah I was about to say. Digital interfaces are just sending 1s and 0s.
  10. griff06
    Hi People,

    Does anyone have experience with these vs TFZ Balance 2??

    I am interested in both, the TFZ seem to be a tad cheaper, but not much.

    Any information or comparisons would be very welcome


  11. Jimster480
    I don't think that any other chinese IEM company will come even anywhere close to the quads.
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  12. griff06
    Thanks for responding Jimster480, That is what I am kind of thinking, but at the same time 1More were just another ChiFi company once and these new TFZ are making some waves.
  13. Jimster480
    Except they have a great sound engineer on their team and they have been improving year over year.
    A few years ago their Piston classics were "ok" and their dual drivers were "good".

    But Triple and now Quad has put them in another category, and considering they just got THX certification on both models it really says something.

    I own both the triples and the quads (and I have the duals but I got them for free for preordering the quads and haven't ever opened them) and honestly I haven't found anything like them in overall clarity and presentation.
    They are the only headphones I've ever heard that really make me feel like I am there listening to the music live (although without a "area" feelling, as my Panasonic HD-10's have a theatre feeling about them with resonance).

    I gave my wife my Triples now because she has some high end Bose IEM's (actually over the ear I think) and once she heard the triples she can't even put her bose on again lol

    She took my quads last week with use of her HTC 10 but I had to take them back and give her triples instead :p
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  14. griff06
    Looks like you might need to fork out on another pair for your wife then!! Or you may end up with NoMore... I know, hilarious.

    Well you got me sold, I was on the verge of buying them but, you know, its hard to pull the trigger without question if its your own hard earned cash.

    Many thanks and all the best

  15. Jimster480
    The triples and the quads are pretty close in sound quality for most casual listening.
    Considering she watches violin based youtube videos, not all of them are professionally recorded.
    In an a/b test she can tell the difference between the two pairs but she doesn't do enough listening to care since the triples are already so clear.

    I would say one of the biggest differences from the triples to the quads is the micro-phonics from the cable. The quads have none and the triples have alot.

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