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1964 Ears

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  1. SilverEars
    If you never had custom fit phones.  I would go with it for one.  It will show you what custom fit can do over universal.  I have not heard W40 so cannot compare, but I can say my V3 is good with clarity in the mids and highs, but the bass a bit powerful and the quality of bass depends on the track.  If the track pushes for ghetto bass, whomp, whomp, the V3 is helpless.  
    Are you into bassy music, like club music or dubstep, and would like some additional bass?  If so, V3 can provide that as it does not lack bass for sure.
  2. ronnel0918
    I do listen to EDM, dubstep, but I am not a basshead. Acoustic/Pop/R&B are usually on my playlists. I am not into classical music that much.
    Let me know your thoughts on this one:

  3. SilverEars
    Yup, these are great for electronic sounds IMO.  Electronic music has more refined and faster bass, and these to output the intended bass.  I personally think these are made for pop and electronica in general, not saying these don't do well with well recorded jazz, classical, and etc.. as they usually have supurb recordings so they tend to do well with decent phones.
  4. altrunox
    So someone here could compare the V3 vs JH5 or other similar priced CIEM?
    I`m looking for my first CIEM and $450 is my limit.
    I`ll be listening almost everything [​IMG] 
  5. Ivabign
    Take a peek at Joker's review of V3 and Alcair Reference - those are both in your $$ wheelhouse. I have never heard the JH5 - but some say it is like a baby JH16 - same house sound - and I thoroughly enjoy my JH16FP.... 
    I agree, if you have that kind of $$, you owe it to yourself to try a custom - the isolation, the fit (providing it does!) and consistent sound output is a joy. I don't know about most, but I am able to get my Customs in and out of my ears faster than universals...
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  6. tehsprayer
    I'm on the same boat and will probably get the 1964Ears V3s. I have heard nothing but great with 1964Ears, same with JH but I feel like I should stick with 3 drivers instead of 2 in the JH5 Pros.
  7. Ivabign
    What are you going to drive them with? DAP/DAC, etc....
  8. tehsprayer
    I'm hoping the new HTC One M8 will be good enough, if not I might look into getting a portable setup.
  9. SilverEars
    Nice thing about BA customs is that they are low impedance and highly sensitive that they sound great out of any portable device.
  10. Taowolf51
    Don't BA drivers require low output impedance gear because of their wild impedance swings? I know my Galaxy S3 has an output impedance of 4, which would be pretty high for a pair of BA IEMs.
  11. SilverEars
    UERM demo which is 3 BA driver iem which is 35 ohms and sounded very precise with A&K with 3 ohm output impedance.  My V3 may not fare so well as it has 16ohms.  My phone is 1.2ohms output impedance and the V3 is very sensitive so I have no problems.  My V3 is very senstive, so no amp required unless you want to use an amp as a buffer to lower the output impedance of the source.  The S3 output impedance seems high for the V3.  Look at the specs of the CIEMs yore interested in as it will help you with what specs you need to match whatever gear you would like to use it with.   
    Just took a quick look at 1964 ears phones output impedances, and they are very low with very high sensitivity.  So for 1964 ears CIEMs you want sources with low output impedance, but do not need amping.
  12. tehsprayer
    Would you buys say the best CIEM under $500 is the V3s? Or something else? Also would love to see designs that do not add extra costs!
  13. MachBot
    There's no "best IEMs" so to speak, it's all up to your preferences.
    And custom faceplate designs would usually require additional cost.
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  14. Ivabign
    There are no real dogs at this price point - the above poster is correct - it is all about signature. 3-way CIEMs often are "fun" signatures with emphasis on upper and lower frequencies (V3, N3, 3A, JH7....) you really can't go too wrong - I'm sure I'm missing mentioning a CIEM that is garbage, but it doesn't come to mind. Any one you pick is going to be superior to what you have been listening to - at this point, I would let logistics enter into the equation - all things being sort of equal, which transaction will be the easiest? Which refit will be the easiest should you need one... IMHO
    EDIT: If it was me, I would probably buy the >1yr old UM Miracle in the FS thread and reshell the bastard![​IMG]
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  15. irishsammy
    I have the V3s and I absolutely love them.  They're not the most detailed things I've ever heard but I would say that the mids and bass are as solid as any of the high-end headphones I've tried, including the Audeze LCD-2s.  That's unamped.  It's a completely different presentation, being in your ear instead of on it, but I would consider the V3s to be pretty darn neutral.  They're a fantastic product and I don't regret spending the $500ish I spent on mine at all.   
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