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1964 Ears

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  1. Ivabign
    Just received my Universal V8's - liking what I hear so far - need to spend some time with them. Also the tips they came with didn't work for me - but some Comply's I had lying around fit perfectly and also helped me get a perfect seal - and the fit is good. I had some worries when I tried the included tips and couldn't get a seal. They are smaller than they look - they are much smaller than my JH16FP customs - but I think I got a winner here.
    Here are some photos - sorry about the iPhone and poor lighting...
    One thing was a small issue - I had ordered the V8 logo on one cap and the "1964 Ears" logo on the other. They both came with "V8" in gold on the caps. They were very nice and offered to send a shipping label to be for a repair, but I hesitate to give them up - so they offered a reasonable refund. What would you guys do? Does double V8 look okay? I might just keep them.
  2. sithjedi333
    I would keep them. How to they compare to the JH16FP?
  3. Ivabign

    It rivals it in accuracy - the low end is big, but different. I need more time - been stuck in hospitals and offices lately - pics done on manila folder at work [​IMG]
  4. Ivabign
    Instrument separation is great. The amount of air around each instrument is very good. I have worn them for a couple of hours and have zero ear fatigue - they are light and unobtrusive. Low end has great detail. Might be nimbler than JH16FP. Definitely not as thick as 8A.
  5. m3ow
    Hi Ivabign,
    u went for e speed up options?
    I also had order an Universal V8's on 2014/03/18 but till now at step 4.
    But mine had Shell Color - Sterling (Glitter) & Faceplate Color - Rhinestone (Premium) mayb it requires abit more time.
  6. ethanc
    my v6's came in today. I am very impressed. The fit and finish is outstanding, and it seems as though it is fitting me very well; no need for refit! :D the sound... oh my goodness. I'm coming from heir audio 4.ai's and tf10's, and as my first pair of customs, I don't think i will every be using universals again haha.
  7. Ivabign

    Yes, I was one of the last to get rush processing for $100 - now it is $200 - I was looking for something clean, attractive and if the signature wasn't to my liking - easy to resell. I didn't even put my name on the case - Just "1964 Ears V8 Universal"
    Buuuut - I am not going to sell unless I somehow find myself dead broke. They are too good.
  8. joshuachew
    Any comparisons to how they stack up against the JH16? :)
  9. Ivabign
    I am in TOTL nirvana right now - trying to get a grip on all the different nuances between my newly arrived customs and the V8s - It is going to take a bit of time to digest what I am listening to - and to put it into words - I realize now I HAVE to do something about my source (have ordered a DX90) to fully realize the potential of these new headphones. The V8's are in the same league as the >$1K JH16 - they are a steal - so accurate - so much going on. I wonder if I will listen to my other Universals again (W3 TF10 AF56.. etc...) 
  10. wormsdriver
    I think the 1964 logo would have been nice, but if they gave you some cash back for their mistake, I would just keep them.  The red looks really nice and making the personalized name on the case a standard "1964 Ears V8 Universal" was also a smart move as I am sure somebody will gladly take 'em off your hands when the time comes for you to let them go.
    btw, thanks for the pics![​IMG] 
  11. SilverEars
    Hi, I was wondering if anybody has the JH13FP or NT-6/pro or the UERM, and can do a comparison with the V8.  Can we say that the V-8 is reference quality like the UERM?
    Thank you. [​IMG]
  12. Levanter

    No, V8 is bass focus similarly to JH16.
    For JH13 would be more towards V6.
  13. SilverEars
    Also does the V series use similar technology as the FP technology, which I don't have a clear grasp on which I think it keeps the drivers in phase(not sure).  [​IMG]
  14. Ivabign
    My understanding is that a portion of what constitutes FreqPhase is getting the distances of the tubing cut so that the frequencies hit the ear at the same time. When I look at earlier JH13's and 16's, I see the tweeters often pretty close to the ends of the canals - when I first received my 16FP's, I noticed that the tweeters were a good ways back in the shell - the tube a lot longer than usual. This is also how I received my remolds from Inearz - they kept the distances (lengths) the same as original. (I was told they do that with JH FP remolds. Now as I look at my V8s' - I see that the tweeters are set back in the shell, not close to the canal. Another interesting thing I noticed is that the BA's seem to have similar vents as the Roxannes I see on Head-Fi - so maybe they are emulating JH Audio. The V8's aren't tuned exactly the same as the 16's - but they are just as revealing, clear and accurate. Not noticing any sibilance - they are impossibly crisp and clean - I need more time. Hard to get right now... 
  15. SilverEars
    I looked it up, and looks like it creats a flat phase response which means the drivers are in sync when it comes to timing, which is highly desired for accurate audio representation.  
    I looked up JH's patent on the FP and it shows a processor in the earpiece that conrols the phase or timing.  Not sure if it is actually implemented like that in actuality.
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