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1964 Ears

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  1. Ultrainferno
    Probably there is indeed but I didn't get the R because I didn't want it. The R might be more comparable to the V6S in the mids I think, but I don't know. sorry
  2. mhcoss201012
    The fact that 1964 does not offer recessed sockets for universals is keeping me away from pulling the trigger. I am a drummer, though my head is not moving a lot when I drum (well I still headbang while playing a heavy tune). Are the normal CM socket and the stock cable strong enough to hold up in this condition?
    Struggling between V6(-stage) Universals and Westone UM Pro 50s...Really want some custom artwork on my IEMs.
  3. s0c9
    Well, the Quads I have don't have recessed sockets, and you have to REALLY YANK on them to even wiggle them in their sockets.. so my guess would be no. They fit REALLY well !
  4. mhcoss201012
    I think you mean they will have no problem if treated normally (correctly)? If yes then I think I will get a pair of 1964s. Just have to save up a bit more and find a day to try the demo.[​IMG] 
  5. Ivabign
    They just bumped the Rush Processing from $99 to $199 April 1st - I ordered my V8 Universals on Friday March 28th - they ship out on Monday - just got in under the wire.
    Right now turnaround is 4-5 weeks.
  6. MistahBungle
    Glad they've significantly increased the cost of 'rush processing', smartest thing they ever did.

    Having it so cheap previously tended to bite them on the arse from time to time with regard to blowing out regular waiting times. 'Rush processing' should be for people who need something within a certain timeframe, and should be priced so people who merely want it think twice about it at the very least (and ideally don't pursue it). That's the most reasonable thing any business can do for all its customers (people who pay for just the IEM's/to be processed in standard timeframe are customers as well).
  7. s0c9
    Can you define "normally" ??  My point was that the non-recessed connections on my Quads are pretty darn solid/tight and are not going to come out, fall out, get pulled off easily.
  8. Ivabign

    I agree with you - at $100 it was an easy decision, especially with the V8's, as they have an introductory price - so it really wasn't any more money to get them in a week (if you use my skewed logic)
    Now I know how my wife can spend $500 shopping and tell me about all the money she saved! [​IMG]
  9. mhcoss201012
    Yeah I see you point. By "normally" I meant NOT treating them like $2 earbuds... Don't put them directly into the pocket; don't take them off by pulling the cable, etc...
    Anyway my next step will be to choose between V6 and V6-Stage, and finalize my artwork design... Or just save up and have several pairs in different artworks!! LOL
  10. Carlsan
    Sorry if this has been mentioned earlier, how does one but a universal from them, and is the price lower than the quoted price for customs on the site?
    I'm looking at the v8, have the v6 stage custom. I think I prefer the convenience of a universal over a custom.
  11. m3ow
    Hi Carlsan,
    i just order a V8 universal on 18th march.
    Yes u need to pm them at facebook to contact with their guys to get e email from their side to get e steps and promo code to get e $25usd off. Below is e reply i had from 1964ears person.
    ***Hi Milson, here is the promo code for you to use: ######## It will give you $25 off of your IEM order. 
    Make sure to write “Universal-Fit Version” in the comments section at check out.***
    Hope this helps.
  12. davidcotton

    If you don't want to have the custom and prefer the conenience, I wonder if they would reshell the stage custom into a universal for you seeing as they are handmade anyway?  That is of course if you want to go that route potentially anyway!
  13. Carlsan

    Thanks, that's the info I needed.
    DavidCotton,  I like my 6 stage fine, would prefer my next purchase from 1964 Ears to be universal. I need to be able to respond in my my workplace and not block out the world. Customs tend to do that. I can still use a Custom, but not at work where I do most of my earphone listening.
  14. dom1nga
    Had anyone a chance to compare v8 and AM6 (ambient acoustics)?
  15. ipisbored
    Hi, Im interested in getting the Qi's but Im wondering what the size and depth of the soundstage is like. Im used to listening on studio monitors and a pair of IE8's
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