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1964 Ears

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  1. rawrster
    I've had customs from 1964 both recently and when they first started to get known here on headfi. The first time didn't go well but that was the audiologist and more recently I've gone through a refit and fits fine now. I would say it depends more on how good the impressions are as they can't do much If those are off.
  2. s0c9
    Dang...my QUADS are now (Sat pm CDT) sitting at my local FedEx facility... no way to get them out - I called!
    They will be sitting there over the weekend then scheduled for delivery on Monday !!!
    GRRRRRRR.. so CLOSE... 
  3. voldak
    My cable is going to be way too short for what I am needing. Are there any extenders that are recommended that don't degrade quality of sound?
  4. darkwasim786
    Ok people need help, 
    deciding on a new dap, i have the quads and love them, wanted to know if the ibasso dx50 pairs well with them.
    Anyone have any experience with this combo?????
  5. s0c9
    FedEx delivered my Quads about an hour ago..... 
    Dang.. the BASS on these things is INCREDIBLE.. as a bass player, can't wait to try these live !!!!
    Sound stage is awesome also (I tried the vid link posted earlier)
    FIT is good,, no issues (discomfort) after about 45 mins in ears... have a 3.5 hr flight out and back next week.. should give them a good workout!
    Tried all the usual singing, turn head, move up/down etc.... seal stayed good.. the noise cancelling is VERY good.. wife came in and started talking at me from about 10 feet away (no sound playing, just sitting in my ears).. no bleed.. mouth moving.. no sound.. (should keep them in longer [​IMG])
    BASS is SO-O-O-O good on these that I may have to cut it BACK !! LOL
    However, first impressions (based on listening to only published music) is that [for me] the Quads could use a tad/smidgeon more top-end [brightness] in the mix, but that might not be an issue once the band is mic'ed up and playing. Usually one has to cut the highs to prevent that ice-pick sound!
    Will get back to you on that part in a week or so...
    Meanwhile, these Quads are WELL WORTH THE WAIT !!  LOVE 'EM!!!!
    Thanks Vitaly, Alex and the rest of the crew GREAT JOB !!
    PS: pics posted below. Phone cam.. sorry.. not the clearest.
    UPDATE:  Colors on the shells turned out a little DARKER (as seen in the pics above) than I had expected based on the designer colors from the web site (see pic below). I ordered "SMOKE (TRANSLUCENT)" for SHELL color and "PLATINUM" for FACEPLATE color. You can see from the different lighting in the pics above the effect light has on the colors and how they differ from the "example" below. The 2nd of the ears shots above is the closest.. Not an issue for me tho'.  I wanted them plain and simple. That's what I got.
    UPDATE: (Feb 21, 2014) - get to try the new ears playing at church this Sunday.. no band gigs until mid-March due to venue scheduling snafu's. Will report back on how they worked out for gigging.
    UPDATE: (Feb 24, 2014) used the Quads up at church yesterday!!  WOW !!  Huge difference between them and the Westone UM1's I was using. Volume needed was much lower (impedance?) and the separation and clarity was amazing. I didn't need to bump up the bass levels in my Aviom mix. I panned both electric and acoustic guitars, mixed in the 5 vocalists, cut the toms/cymbals and added some kick/snare to the mix (I stand next to the drums), set levels for keys.. and away we went. Never heard so much CLEARLY defined bass in my mix. No mud and no need to listen to what was coming thru the PA !!    CAN'T WAIT TO TRY THESE WITH THE BAND!!
    UPDATE: (Feb 28, 2014) - took 2 long plane rides... 3 and 4.5 hrs each. Put in IEM's before departure and removed when arriving at the gate on both flights. Listened to in-flight musak and the movies. Kept them in, even for bathroom trips. Sound cancelling is VERY VERY good.  Sounded PDG for an airplane system tho'. LOADS of bass.. not overpowering or in-your-face, but very distinct and easy to pick out.  No problem with discomfort on shorter flight and even after 4+ hrs in my ears on 2nd flight.. they remained comfortable. After 4.5 hrs, having them in my ears started to get a little irritating (mental thing) but not physically uncomfortable.  It was a good long term use test case, but other than for live club band use (which might be a 4-hr gig, but one would probably remove between sets) I doubt there are many folks who would have them inserted for that duration. The conclusion is that these will work for me!!
    I now need to test them at a non-church gig (bar band style) and see how they work out. It might be a while before I report back on that as the band in moving toward IEM's but not there yet.. will update this post when that happens.
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  6. rawrster
    nice! It's definitely a great feeling when everything is done right the first time. Are you using them for stage use? It would be an interesting perspective as most here are probably using it for music
  7. s0c9
    Yup.. play bass in a regional band that gigs regularly and also at one of those "mega" churches (Aviom system).   That's why I upgraded to CIEM's.
    The band is (for various reasons) using wedges right now, but putting together an IEM rig as 30% of the venues we play have a house system and we want consistency in our monitors. Wedge mix varies with venue size, stage size, etc.. when we do our own IEM mix, it should not.
    I did gig for a year with my last band that only half were using IEM's. Those were with my old Westone UM-1's. And it was great.. Saved my hearing and allowed me to hear what I wanted in my mix, not all the bleed and what you can't hear when you step outside the wedges "zone".   We ALL play wireless now, so adding IEM's is next step.
    For the near term they might be used only at church, so they'll get their first live use this Sunday.  [​IMG] 
  8. fluffyberry

    oooohh hope those pics and further impressions come soon :)
  9. s0c9
    Patience glass hoppa.. tonight.. at work now!  need to upload from home!
    UPDATE:  Pics post above... apologies for quality.. camera phone.. but enough to get general idea.. I kept them to basics.. 
  10. voldak
    I'm glad you got them in and everything fit correctly. I really think my issues were from my impressions, so i'm hoping that one trip back to Portland will be all that is needed (just sent them off today). They do sound great though. I'm waiting to get them back to get a full impression in.
  11. MistahBungle
    Anyone know where I can buy cables of similar quality to 1964Ears stock cables/similarly priced (or cheaper) & not from 1964Ears themselves ?
  12. s0c9
    I looked for some, but it appears that many CIEM vendors - while using similar connector types - have different sizes, etc.
    They do exist for many.. google IEM replacement cables.
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  13. fluffyberry

    you could check out the cable forum here on headfi...there are quite a few reviews of cables with the standard 2-pin connector that 1964 uses
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  14. TCB2Country
    I just placed my order today and am really excited to use the V6 Stage model! I will be using these for work and will be able to give a detailed review of their stage use! I will be using them every day in a show that I host and perform live at least 450 times a year not counting personal gigs so I will definitely be putting them through their paces and have no doubt they will perform flawlessly! I can't wait and am so excited! Only downside is that my order process just started today
  15. ericr
    You can always pay the rush fee and jump to the front of the queue.
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