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1964 Ears

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  1. ericr
    My V6 Stage UNIVERSAL are currently in production (impressions trimmed). They were $75 less than customs. Anxious to get them and see how they stand up to my SM64 (which are pretty impressive).
  2. Levanter

    congrats and welcome to the universal custom club :)
  3. ericr
    Hey, thanks Levanter!
  4. mechgamer123
    Whoa I'm gonna have to email them and ask them if I can order a universal V3 then after auditioning it!
    Edit: Called them and they said they would make a universal V3 for a whopping $25 less than the custom edition. I also got a clarification as to what the CenterDrive technology is:
    Were CIEMs that hard to drive in the first place though?
  5. s0c9

     yay !!! My quads status changed to "FACEPLATES APPLIED (STEP 7 OF 10)" today !!
    It's been 4 weeks and 2 days since my impressions were received... 
     WHOOPEE!!! My quads status changed to "BUFFING COMPLETE (STEP 9 OF 10)" today !!
    Maybe they'll ship (2 day ordered) tomorrow...  Mon at latest???
    GETTING STOKED to get these now...
    UPDATE (same day as above)
     My quads status changed to "SHIPPED (STEP 10 OF 10)" today !!
  6. jfreas

    Guys I picked these up from fedex yesterday. They are absolutely incredible. 1964-V3. :)
  7. Deviltooth
    mechgamer123: Thanks for asking the question.  The answer does seem a little vague/pointless.  I know 1964 makes quality products and they don't need to rely on 'marketing speak' but it could be that's what they're doing.  Often companies trot out pseudo science quotes so they can pretend they're on the cutting edge of new technology.
  8. s0c9
    It could just be that like most small companies, they want to keep their technology "theirs"...  I'd guess there's NOT an UN-limited market for Custom IEM's and there's more than a few vendors around.. so while it may appear as pseudo-science/marketing speak, it's very possible that the CenterDrive technology is "lay speak" for a technology they have developed and provides that edge over other vendors... 
    idk.. but it is a possibility.
  9. voldak
    I got my Quads yesterday, but I got home to late to try them out while playing my drums. I did that today and I was wondering if I may need a refit or if I am inserting wrong. They fit in snug and all seems well until I look up in the air. When I do this, both ears lose the lock and I can hear a lot from the outside. I'm going to give 1964 Ears a call tomorrow to see what they think, but I was wondering if any of you have seen this before.
  10. Ultrainferno
    I'm slightly getting worried about the increasing numbers of non fits on arrival from 1964. I even know of one shop stopping to sell 1964 because of the quality issue and refits. My V6S are in the mail, fingers crossed
  11. fluffyberry
    lets hope these fit issues are just a case of bad impressions...i dont remember 1964 ever having a run like this before
  12. s0c9
    @voldak - Can we assume that your impressions were "open mouth" ?
    You post gives me cause for concern, 'cus I know my impressions were, and done by a local audiologist who has done "dozens" for a local [mega] church that ALL went to 1964.  My quads are in transit and are scheduled to arrive Mon (Feb 17). Will post first impressions once I've had a chance to try them out.
  13. jfreas
    Hey guys, I got to put my Trips through their first test last night at worship practice and they absolutely killed it. They are my first custom IEM so I'm still slow to getting them in and out if my ear, but as far as I can tell the fit is flawless. When I twist them back in I get a nice vacuum seal and I have done the whole shaking my head, clenching my teeth, looking side to side up and down and they hold the seal perfectly. My guess is the impression might be off or was done incorrectly. I was nervous I'd have to send them in for a refit and am very happy I don't have to.
    s0c9 likes this.
  14. voldak
    Yes. I did an open mouth impression, but the place I went to (only one within an hour of my location) wasn't overly confident. When I initially sent the impression email to 1964 they were questionable about the impressions but I had already sent them due to going out of state for work for a while. They ended up telling me that the impressions would work, but i'm guessing that it's the cause of the issue.
  15. s0c9
    Let's hope that's the cause. This will be my first set of 1964's, but everything I found while researching which vendor to go with indicates that 1964 are very cool with fixing things.. That they thought the impressions were questionable (but workable) up front tells me that the fit is likely due to the impression, not the workmanship. Let us know how it goes...
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