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1964 Ears

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  1. St0rMl0rD
    Yeah I hope. It'd be even nicer if they didn't have the 4 week build time, it's gonna kill me :)
  2. St0rMl0rD
    On the matter of sound, I've been using Triple.fi 10 Pros up until now, but after switching like 3 different cables and getting a new job, I decided to pull the plug and get the best there is (for a normal price). I was using the Triple.fis with my iPhone 5 and it did a pretty good job. Will it do the same on the V6-Stage? I don't want to get an additional amp for getting a great sound, because I mostly use the earphones in transit, outside walking, etc.
  3. rawrster
    I've been using mine with my phone mostly and my x3 dap. It sounds good to me off my phone but there are gains to be made with better sources and amps.
  4. creamsoda
    I use the V6 stage with my iPhone 5 as well, but I much prefer listening out of my Audinst (HUD-MX1).  I'm not a believer in cables and amps making improvements to sound, but the sound is indeed noticeably different between the two (I would definitely be able to tell them apart in a blind test)
    If I were to go all subjective and write like a classic audiophile, I would tell you that what I can hear with the Audinst is a wider, more 3D soundstage that's fuller and slightly more transparent.  Also more detailed while being less fatiguing in the highs.  But that all can be attributed to having less treble causing me to turn it up and hearing more bass and mids letting me hear more detail in those ranges.
    A simple and slight impedance difference can change the frequency response; i.e. cause a touch more treble in the balance.  This can be perceived as the source sounding more 'detailed', but 'thinner in its sound'; while the other source  would be perceived as sounding 'fuller' and 'less fatiguing', with 'more detail in the mids'.
    So, I'll stay on the safe side and tell you for sure the Audinst has less treble presence (remember, every single review of the audinst praises it as neutral, not rolled off in the highs).  I can definitely turn it up louder than the iphone without getting fatigued, yet I still hear all the treble detail. Listening through the Audinst is, I guess, a little closer to listening to a high end speaker system (i've heard dozens at TAVES, a local audio show held in a hotel, chock full of multi-thousand dollar speaker systems, some ranging to $100,000 for just the pair of speakers).
    Between the two, I don't like listening to my iPhone as much because I can't hear the mids and bass as much - I prefer listening to a darker sound by nature of my youth.  I certainly don't miss any detail or 3D soundstage awesomeness on the iPhone though, and is perfectly enjoyable on its own.
    P.S. I've found my mid-2013 (Haswell) Macbook Air to have boosted treble and bass in its headphone out.  I like my mids, so I don't like it very much; again this could be just because of the output impedance though.
  5. SoulSyde
    ^ Nice review of the Audinst. J/K
  6. rawrster
    So I have contacted them for a refit. My right monitor moves around slightly when I'm walking while my left doesn't however they are in ConUS so no big deal for shipping.

    On another note I picked up my jh13 today at the NYC headfi meet :)
  7. In Over My Head
    I agree with Creamsoda on the Audinst. The difference between the HUD-MX1 and Cowon J3 is really night and day. The HUD is even better than the Burson Conductor for the V-Stage. Now I need to find a DAP that can at least match the HUD.
  8. ericr

    So why no review / V6-S comparison yet then. :wink:
  9. rawrster
    Some day... :p
    Also I'm planning on sending back my right monitor for a minor refit.
  10. ericr
    Maybe before Thanksgiving? IIRC, both 1964 and JH have black Friday deals.
  11. Serenitty

    I went from TF10's to the V6 on both my iPhone 4S and now my 5S.  The V6's sound great on the iPhone, I have a Fiio E17 also and the difference is minimal to my ears.  The V6 is a 'wow" level step up from the TF10's.  I think that's partly because of the much superior sealing and partly from the improved speakers/crossovers.  The midrange is full, the highs are detailed and impressive and the bass is a massive improvement over the TF10's.  And that is all on the iPhone.
    I don't regret the money spent at all.
    St0rMl0rD likes this.
  12. St0rMl0rD
    Thanks man! Can't wait...
  13. crjwingman
    Just a warning to those getting 1964 Ears V3's.  I overlooked the fact that they are only 16 ohms impedance (not sure why they are so much lower than most other ciem's, including their own products).  They are great quality and produce amazing sound but the low impedance means I can't listen to them for long lengths on my computer or phone.  With the volume set to the first notch on my Galaxy S3 the music is loud enough that I can't use it as background and work on something.  In a short time it becomes exhausting and I have to take a break.  One of the music players that I have on my phone (mixzing) has a gain control so I can crank it down to make the volume palatable but then the relative background and static noise makes the sound quality terrible. On my computer I can get away with setting the volume to 2 or 3 (out of 100) but thats because I can also reduce the volume in my iTunes separately from the master volume of the computer.  It's my fault for not thoroughly checking out the specs of the V3's before purchasing them but 16 ohms seems really low. The Quads are running at 25 ohms and the cheaper dual drivers at 22.  If you expand the search to other brands like Westone and JH Audio, the comparable sets are all running above 20 ohms.  Like I said, its my fault but its also frustrating to have a no refundable piece of equipment that is hard to use on both of my main sources of music without having to buy a separate piece of equipment.  Anyone else have similar issues?
  14. glennhlee
    Does anyone know if 1964 Ears has a Black Friday, Thanksgiving, or Christmas sale? And by how much do they discount their ears? Any answer would be appreciated. Thanks!
  15. MistahBungle
    @crjwingman - Put 'something' between your source & the IEMS to increase the impedance ? (Cheap/easy to do).
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