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1964 Ears

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  1. rawrster
    Many companies in US do not change declaration value to something lower. It's considered fraud here.

    Also as far as the phone I use it is the HTC one and my v6 stage works just fine with the dx50 but I do prefer the x3
  2. St0rMl0rD
    By which formula did you pay that tax then?
  3. In Over My Head
    V-Stage arrived today[​IMG].
    I will report more later after having a play[​IMG]
  4. rawrster
    I'm looking forward to your impressions on them! 
    I've pretty much been only using the V6 Stage since they arrived :)
  5. In Over My Head
    I don't have too much time to write and have only listened for about three hours through Cowon J3, Burson Conductor, and HUD-MX1, so I'll be brief.
    Fit - Excellent so far. I have used them walking, indoor cycling, and weight lifting (yeah I'm a freak), and I have not had the seal break. I was very anxious about the fit as I have faily small ears with narrow canals, but the monitors fit snugly and securely.
    Build - They look and feel great. The faceplate protrudes on the right monitor by about 1mm whereas the left is flush. This does not concern me however, just worth a mention.
    Sound - This is the hardest part to assess and I will give it more time before forming an opinion. I have to bear in mind that I have been listening to the LCD-2 and Burson Conductor exclusively for the last four months, so it is going to be difficult for an iem and dap to match the performance. I need to spend more time with the V-Stage to allow for burn in of the drivers and/or my brain.
    These do not lack bass IMO. There is a very satisfying quantity which extends to around 10Hz and is nicely textured, however the clarity and control is no match for the LCDs. The mids are nice and somewhat warm. Guitars and vocals are very present and clear. There is no sibilance in the highs, and cymbals sound crisp and shimmery. These sound very fast (compared to x10i). Percussion sounds punchy and bold and there is plenty of bass slam with the right tracks.
    Whilst the sound of these is not in the same league as my desktop rig (perhaps an unrealistic expectation), I am so far very satisfied.
    I would be happy to attempt to answer any questions you may have about the V-Stage.
  6. MistahBungle
    If you're using them whilst exercising, you may want to invest in a hearing aid dryer.
  7. In Over My Head

    I'm using a makeshift desiccator with rice, but a proper dryer would be cool.
  8. MistahBungle
    This place in QLD sells one a few people here have had, you can buy them direct from the company in the US/other sellers there but postage is the killer.

  9. vincent215
    It's way too expensive. Will putting the earphone on a box with moisture absorbed material be considered as good?
  10. hilosxdd
    Sorry to interrupt but hearing aid dryer would be a safer choice if you'd like to keep your ciems 'totally' dry, unless you wanna save money and use a dehumidifier, if I were you I'd get a dryer, since I already invest in a expensive item :) 
    There's one on Amazon at quite a reasonable price :)
    MistahBungle likes this.
  11. St0rMl0rD
    This is crazy...To have a device that dries your IEMs? Waaaay too into it [​IMG]
  12. rawrster
    I use my JH5 for the gym and no issues. 
    I finally decided to use my UERM after a few days of only the V6 Stage except when I'm at work. I definitely like the tonality of my UERM better but I think the UERM *might* be a tad better technically but need to do a comparison first. The V6 Stage is right there however which says a lot about it's value esp for those who got it at $100 off when they were announced. 
  13. In Over My Head
    I'm fairly confident that moisture is not getting down the bores while working out. That dryer looks awesome Bungle, but it is a bit expensive, and probably overkill. I am just using a 1ltr tall cylindrical plastic container with a screw on lid (like you get from woollies), put some rice in the bottom, and have IEMs in net stocking material hanging from the lid (so suspended above the rice).
  14. St0rMl0rD
    I got the email from 1964 Ears this morning that they've received my impressions for my V6-Stage IEMs and since I have paid already last week, they're adding me to the queue. Now the wait begins! [​IMG]
  15. rawrster
    The V6 Stage is a good ciem and hopefully it's something you enjoy. The wait will go by quicker than you think :)
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