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1964 Ears

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  1. rawrster
    That would appeal to those who are fans of the bass of something like a W3 or IE8 I would imagine. 
    I've had my 1964 V6-S for a day and I can't put them down. It was also very good timing on the cable part as it came a day after I got the V6-S in the mail. Here'e a crappy phone picture of it all. I got mine with a smoke trans face plate and ice blue shell and it came out pretty good. Build quality is good as it looks nicely finished without any bubbles or anything out of the ordinary. It's also my first ciem with artwork :)
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  2. Fizz
    What's the cable?
  3. Kamakahah
    Did you get the connectors for the cable off lunashops?
  4. Levanter

    Me too, I prefer a balance sound that tries to accurately portray the music intended by the artists. But JH Roxanne has piqued my interest.. but ouch, I'd be hesitant to spend that much ..
  5. tm.chen
    CustomArt Copper Two cable. 8 core braid.
  6. St0rMl0rD
    How much did you pay?
  7. Jouber
    Per the page, 299PLN, which I believe converts to about $99 USD. Unless you were asking him specifically :)
  8. tm.chen
    Piotr (CustomArt) will charge you 299PLN, so how much do you actually pay is dependent on the exchange rate. [​IMG]
  9. rawrster
    Yes the cable is from CustomArt. It's definitely an affordable price and they are great to work with. I'll probably end up getting another cable from them eventually.
  10. anoxy
    How do your V6-S sound with that DX50 rawrster?
  11. rawrster
    I'll let you know over the weekend or so. I haven't paired these with the dx50 yet. It sounds good with the x3 is if anyone is wondering as well as my phone and my anedio d1. I would be surprised if they sounded bad with anything.
  12. fluffyberry

    what phone do you use? i've listened to music on the iphone 4 and Galaxy w, but i still went back to using my old ipod touch 1-st gen cos it sounds the best
  13. St0rMl0rD
    Dammit. Because I don't have a credit card, I had to do a wire transfer but the US bank deducted 30 USD from the transfer so I had to pay additional 30 USD…:frowning2: Hope it'll be worth it!
  14. ScreenKiller
    Dude don't cry I had to pay 80 euro taxes

    Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk 4
  15. St0rMl0rD
    How come? I thought they value the package at 100 USD. Well, maybe I'll have to as well. We'll see, I'm in Germany.
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