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1964 Ears

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  1. chunkystyler
    Yeah I did, but now I have to wait until the weekend's over before I get a reply. :frowning2:
    I'm pretty sure I labelled the invoice number on the box containing the ear impressions. Hopefully, they just forgot to send me an email, and I'll have them two weeks earlier than expected [​IMG]. Unlikely though..
  2. kabuljange
    What kind of sound signature does the obsidian have compared to their stock? I'm debating if I should take the $32 discount and spend that on an upgrade but not sure if it's worth it considering the V6 stage is awesome enough as it is.
  3. GoodenoughLa
    this cable has a good performance on the mid and low, which can make
    the sound of v6-stage more powerful. Also this cable is very soft, and got a bigger soundstage compare to the original cable.
    but I'm not sure that whether the producer can send the cable to the foreign country...
  4. kabuljange
    I can't even find it on Google anyway. I'm sure there are plenty of options out there. Thanks for the info!
  5. AN0INTD

    PM'd ya :)
    The Quads are pretty much what everyone around here says they are; simply fantastic. The lows are very nice and dig deep with great impact -- very different from any of my previous IEMs which were analytical (RE0, im716, CK10). I don't mean to say that they lack highs or that the lows cover everything, but the quads certainly have a somewhat darker presentation than the others. It took me a while to get used to them since I thought the mids were lost; but as it turns out, it's not the mids that were lost but rather I was NOW actually hearing all of the lows. All of the detail is still there and I can actually hear more texture and color of timbre than any of the other IEMs I've had. I cannot honestly say that these are a "night and day" difference in SQ (compared CK10) nor in isolation (compared to the im716). However, I CAN say that I enjoy the music a bit more now. Great in-ears and the team at 1964 are all VERY nice to speak with, and patient to answer questions and requests. Highly recommended, for sure.
    *I did however find one visible flaw from the factory. Underneath the logo of the LEFT monitor, there are "scratches" or long "cracks" that appear to be beneath the logo and finish. They are somewhat inconspicuous since the monitor is purple and since it seems to be beneath the logo...but it IS there. I decided to keep it rather than send it back in just for something that small. I think they let this one "pass" the quality check since my ears were ordered with about 16 OTHER sets for my church, and 1964ears was on a time-crunch deadline. In other words, I don't think this is something they would usually approve without fixing/replacing. No bubbles or other defects that I can find.
  6. GoodenoughLa
    The v6-stage did not has enough lows for me at the first time I listen to it, after 50~100hr burn in, the quantity of the lows comes out. 
  7. lauraar90
    Lows are very modest for me...after a few months of owning it..makes me sad. Rest is beautiful though
  8. GoodenoughLa
    why does it make you feel sad?
  9. rawrster
    The V6 Stage isn't a bass heavy ciem. The bass quality is good however the quantity may not be enough for some people.
    On another note I ordered a custom cable from CustomArt and it arrived today and it looks real nice. My v6 Stage has has recessed pins so it was near impossible to remove probably since the pin connector from the cable side is very small. I'll have to think twice if I get another custom from 1964 Ears and just do flush next time.
  10. Levanter
    Yep. If u want more bass then wait for the V8. Should be released by end of this year with quad drivers at the lows.
  11. Jazzkammer
    If you guys don't think the V6-S has enough bass then I can't imagine what you guys would think of the UM Miracle or JH13
  12. fluffyberry
    Wait the
    Wait theres a v8 coming *suddenly excited shiny eyes face* ?!
  13. head-hi
    I pair my V6-S with a Portaphile 627 or C&C BH2 (and the J3 on "BBE Headphone" settting , or DX50), and there is plenty of beautiful bass.
  14. Levanter

    Yes, supposed to have more significant difference in the sub lows and lows compared to the V6S
  15. tm.chen
    For bass heads? I am using the v6 and I think the bass is just right for most genres.
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