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1964 Ears

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  1. In Over My Head
    @ St0rMl0rD
    Those impressions look similar to mine, long narrow ear canals. Its reassuring to hear that they look OK, as I have been freaking out thinking that they would not be suitable for CIEMs, especially triple boars.
    I will hopefully be receiving mine soon. It has been six weeks since I sent them off, but it could still take a while as I have gone through a third party in Australia.
    I will definitely report upon receipt.
  2. chezhed
    I just received my V6-Stage today and have been comparing them to my quads that I purchased earlier this year as well. I've been throwing a bunch of 24/192 quality tracks at them and I am finding about the same results.I did notice right away that the quads feel VERY mid forward compared to the Stages. Outstanding sound stage with more than sufficient bass (less then that quads but more refined.) 
    The one thing that I am noticing is that they sound tight, like they are holding back or require a more excessive break-in. Sorry if that is not audiophile language (still a rookie) but compared to all other IEMs I have used these actually sound like they could use a little burning in before they open up. 
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  3. Deviltooth
    What source are you using?  Some customs require better quality sources to open up and show what they can do.
  4. rawrster
    I got a shipping notice that my V6 Stage has been shipped! It should arrive Tuesday according to the Fedex tracking.
  5. St0rMl0rD
    They said the impressions were fine, so I sent them in today, should take about 5 days to arrive there. In the meantime, I will pay for them - talking about a dent in my wallet…
  6. chezhed
    I don't think its the source, at least I hope not. My Stack is this: 
    retina macbook that is a USB to the Schiit Bifrost -uber connected to my Meier Aria. 
    I have a variety of samples from HD Tracks:
    Sessions from the 17th Ward
    Friday Night in San Francisco
    HRx Sampler 2011
    Up Close
    Buena Vista Social Club
    Dr. Chesky
    And others. 
  7. Kamakahah

    Got my shipping notice as well. Arriving the same day as yours :)
  8. rawrster
    What did you order? I'm pretty excited as this will be my first 1964 Ears custom since they upgraded their original lineup. I had the 1964-T in the past and I thought it was pretty good. 
  9. Kamakahah
    Ordered the V3.
  10. GoodenoughLa
    so...I got my v6-stage now, and I'm really enjoy it [​IMG]
  11. kabuljange
    What kind of cable is that? Looks different from what 1964 has on their website.
  12. GoodenoughLa
    The cable is from Taiwan calls "Obsidian Cable" , really suitable for the v6-stage !
  13. fluffyberry
    looks kinda thick though
  14. chunkystyler
    Do they have a website/link? :wink:
    Does 1964 always send an email when you enter the queue? I thought my ear impressions were lost since I hadn't heard anything from them, but it turns out they were delivered over two weeks ago.
  15. rawrster
    Send them an email. I got an email when they got everything and entered the queue
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