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1964 Ears

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  1. Kunlun

    Actually, both the armatures and the acoustic filters used are susceptible to damage by moisture.
  2. fhuang
    i've been using my custom iem for a few years.  no problem so far.
    i also made my impression today for a q.  can't wait
  3. aamefford
    Good Point.
  4. gordabega
    just got my email with tracking number. i won't sleep a wink tonight. ;?)
  5. FlySweep
    I've stumbled upon a cable for the Quads that I like more than the Chris_Himself silver cable.
    Stay tuned..
  6. doublea71

    I await with baited breath....my Quads are being re-shelled as we speak. What can you tell me about the CH cable + the Quads?
  7. JuicyBruce
    Well, come on then!
  8. FlySweep
    I've been waiting to report back as I wanted to spend more time with the copper cable I had been using/AB'ing with the silver cable..  The copper cable I've been using is one made from BTG-Audio (his budget cable.. not the premium, Brian said that what I have is actually the premium cable.. just not sleeved above the Y-split.. so it's still very inexpensive).  Mine looks nearly identical to this one (with Westone pins, obviously).  Here's an updated photo to show my cable:
    First off the build is fantastic.  The 'naked' copper look is awesome.  Brian's work is very clean and detailed.  He now has the pins on his cables molded on professionally, so it's a smaller plug that looks just like the pins on the stock Westone cables (i.e. compatible with recessed sockets!).  No bulky, black connectors, either!
    While the CH silver cable is very dynamic & balances and 'neutralizes' the Quad's fq curve beautifully.. the Quads with the BTG-Audio copper cable seems to maintain a sound closer to the Quad's 'native' sound signature & frequency curve.  Plus, it's less microphonic, softer, & more flexible.  The silver cable tames the overall bass & tightens the midbass fq's to an impressively linear extent.  Heck, it might be too linear for some.  Compared to the copper cable.. the silver's bass is tighter and more neutral, the midrange is very dynamic, but note weight is (comparatively) thinner, and the silver's treble is more sparkly & airy.
    While I like those aspects, I realized that I missed some of the Quad's 'native' tuning: namely its smooth, slightly laid back character and delicately boosted bass.  The copper cable brings those very things back.. while keeping resolution and clarity nearly on par with silver cable.  With the copper cable, the bass is still tighter and more linear than with a stock or SPC cable.. but it's got more quantity than compared to the silver cable.  The copper's midrange is smoother and slightly more laid back.. notes have a thicker tone than vs the thinner (albeit, more detailed) sound the silver had.  While treble with the silver cable had a (comparatively) more airy, energetic presence.. the copper's treble is on the crisper side.  It's still very articulate and detailed, the tone is just slightly different.  The silver cable boasts a larger soundstage in all directions (while not UM Miracle 'large' in a spatial aspect, it makes use of the space incredibly well.. it's very 3D).  The copper's cable tends to image in a more speaker-like fashion & it has better center imaging.
    I didn't find the copper cable an 'improvement' over the silver, per se.. more of a sidegrade that presents a slightly different presentation that's more in line with the Quad's smoother overall tone.  I see myself using both these cables, actually.. depending on my mood.  The silver cable's dynamics and detailing is spectacular, it seems to bring the technical aspects of the Quad out more.. but it might tame the bass too much for some.  The copper cable offers a sound that showcases the Quad's native fq curve.. but in a more articulate, cleaner fashion (than the stock Westone or SPC cable).. while offering clarity & detail that's nearly on par with the silver cable.
  9. JuicyBruce
    Well the price is right - buying one of these!
  10. Fizz
    Might have to pick me up one of those.
    Maybe in a month or so, and I'll do a comparison with my Beat Audio Sapphire.
    Lately I've also been craving a pair of Duals from 1964 Ears. Just to see how they match up, and if I would have been happy moving to those from my Coppers.
    On a completely unrelated note, I think my wallet has run away. If anyone see's a black leather non-branded wallet hitch-hiking by the side of the road, tell him to come home. He's got stamps in him that I need back.
  11. doublea71
    Thanks a ton, FlySweep - super informative with good details. This is just what I've been looking for and I'm pretty sure I'm going to upgrade at some point after I get mine back from UM. It seems like the enthusiasm for 1964's products have ebbed a bit, so I appreciate your post.
  12. FlySweep
    Glad I could help.  I originally bought the cable to use with my (recently departed/sold, but still beloved) Silver Bullet.. which I had Brian mod for use with removable cables (he did a fantastic job, btw).  I swapped it onto the Quads out of curiosity and was really impressed with what I heard.  While not as detailed, linear, or resolving as the silver cable (damn close though!), it brought back some of the uniqueness of the Quad's lovely signature.  In fewer words, I'd describe the resulting sound as the stock Westone cable on steroids with 80-85% of the balance, control, and clarity the silver cable.  I really like that mix of musicality & technical prowess.  Plus, the cable is a real looker [​IMG].
    I asked Brian if he planned on stocking silver cables.. he said not at the moment.. he's more concerned (and happy) with serving the budget audiophile community with products that deliver lots of quality at a affordable costs that don't leave the buyer feeling like they just forked over cash.for snake oil.  Frankly, I love that honesty & attitude... and wish we saw more of that from business.. not just in hifi audio, but everywhere.
  13. RingingEars
    Reshell or in-house.
    I'm wanting to get a set of customs done.
    I love my UM2-RC and was thinking of having them reshelled.
    Have any of you used the UM2-RC and the 1964-D? How is the 1964 "house sound" on the dual units compared to Westone?
    I'm concerned if I just get the Ds they wont sound like the UM2s...
  14. davidcotton
    Why not just get the um56 tips done for the 2's?
  15. RingingEars

    I want customs...[​IMG]
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