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1964 Ears Adel IEMs

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  1. p1bateman
    No problem.  They replied to my request quickly and I have a set on order!
  2. ericr

    FWIW, I much prefer the soundstage, instrument placement, and presentation of my A12 over my HE-560.

    It's bigger and more realistic (ymmv).
  3. Ike1985
    Actually I can confirm that the driver tuning is different, also there are various upgrades that 64 have made to the guts of the ciem's overtime, I learned of these when asking why my left ciem had a few noticeable changes between my right after having the left repaired.  They are not the same as the old V-series, not in tuning, not in ALL the parts.
  4. eldss
    I'm going to upgrade my V6-Stage to the A6s. I actually had inquired a few months ago prior to them announcing the upgrade program if they would ever allow V series users to upgrade to the A series, but at the time, they were't allowing for upgrades. They however mentioned that there were a couple of different drivers on the new A6. In addition, 64 Audio stated that when they implemented the ADEL technology, all of the IEMS had to be retuned to accommodate the changes the membrane causes. However, the A6 retains the same character and sound signature from the  V6S, but with the ADEL benefits. 
  5. Dithyrambes
    Thanks for the great insight everyone! Will be upgrading then to a6s very soon. I guess i have my eve sc208s to keep me occupied until then.
  6. kkcc

    Same here. My V8 is getting remade into the A8. I think 64audio deserve a big thumb up to support existing client with a upgrade programme. The work required for them to "upgrade" is the same as (or even more than) just making a new one. They maybe able to reuse some of the drivers but the driver cost themselves are not significant. I see this as a devotion and giving back to us who had been supporting 1964ears. I wish other makers like JH can do the same for updating my jh13 to the 13v2, but I'm not holding my breath for that...
  7. Denzelwng4
    I agree to this... i will be sending soon also my V8 and be converter to A8...Kudos to 64 Audio....
  8. flipper203
    same here for my 1964 quads (old version of v4 I guess). An upgrade to the A4 will have only benefits I guess...just waiting to get my EM32 back before sending it to 64ears
  9. ken6217
    Is the dehumidifier necessary?
  10. Denzelwng4
    maybe in time, i put my ciem in a dry cabinet every weekend..this dry cabinet is for my cameras actually....just to get rid of some moisture inside the shell...
  11. EagleWings
    Someone who has tried all three or any two of these: U6, U10 and U12, could you please compare the bass quantity between these?
  12. Xcellere

    On the topic of speaking w/ Vitaliy, is there any chance he can make a new video detailing the current production process w/ 3D printing?
  13. Canyon Runner
    I'd say 12, 6, 10. There's not a massive difference between the 6 & 12's sound signature, other than the 12 sounds much fuller and lush. 12 has more bass drivers, so it can pack a more forceful punch than the 6, when it's called for. The 10 is easily the most bass-lite of the 3.
  14. EagleWings
    Thanks. I am pretty much set on the 12s. It's just that, when I come across comments that state it has an overdone bass, it throws me off and I am back to square one trying to decide between the 12s, 10s and the 6s. Going off of the impressions here, I seem to prefer the Bass of the 6s and the technical capabilities of the 10s and the 12s. 
  15. jincuteguy
    doesn't the U6 and U10 both have 2 drivers for Low end? How come the U10 is more Bass Lite ?
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