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1964 Ears Adel IEMs

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  1. davidmolliere
    I haven't seen any post from people who have both Zeus and U12/A12 (yet) or even auditioned both, it's hard to give an advice there although impressions on both sides might help.
    From your description I'd say A12 would fit the bill (that's from U12 experience so take it with a grain of salt), except maybe for the detailed part depending on what you mean by that. If you like your trebles forward you might not get exactly what you're looking for. Still, there is plenty of details in the treble but in the mids and bass too. That last part is to me a distinctive aspect, I have never heard so many layers in bass. ADEL brings something different here. Separation is amazing and that definitely helps bring out details in a very 3D manner (not only more information, but better positioned information if that makes sense. Layers, layers, layers with great separation). 
    As for expansive soundstage, warm and full sound you wouldn't be disappointed. The soundstage is wide and deep, with very realistic imaging (sometimes eerily so!). Airy and warm is a rare thing and 64 Audio has done marvels in terms of tuning there it does combine both qualities. From what I have read Zeus is on the thicker side, I'd expect less air and more weight, but reading the Zeus reviews and thread would help (I have extensively, as I considered Zeus when I purchased the U12).
    As for music genres, I feel U12 is a great all rounder, keep in mind that while decently fast it might not be the fastest BA IEM around though (I know I don't mind but some people could).
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  2. ken6217
    Generally speaking, it could be either.
    However in my case it was 64 Audio-
    I had the impressions made by an audiologist listed on 64 Audio website. Emailed the pictures to 64 audio and they were accepted. Got the A12's and they were too thick and long in the ear canal. Spoke with the technician after I sent them back and he said they went well past the second bend. Got them back and they were shorter but very uncomfortable. 
    They told me to try another audiologist and they would do a remold. I sent them to an audiologist in NYC that has a client list of a who's who of musicians. I had used her to make impressions for my Roxannes and they fit perfectly. She made the new impression and I sent them to 64 Audio. Got back the remold and I could hardly get them in my ear.
    I sent them back again. I wasn't going to give up as I loved the sound. I spoke with the technician and we went over some things on the phone. They sent them back and now they are OK.
    The customer service itself was great. The refits were turned around the same week and the remold i 6 business days.
  3. EagleWings
    Thanks guys!
  4. EagleWings
    Thanks. That was indeed a great review and the reason A10 caught my attention. But, since the reviewer (Sonny Trigg) owns both A12 and A10, he really didn't have much to complaint about each one. Although he did cover(talk about) the negatives, he really wasn't bothered with it much, as he had the other IEM to fill that void. Meaning, he loved the rumbling lows on the A12 for a fun listening, and when he needed to do some critical listening, he would just switch over to the more balanced A10.
    It would have been nice if, by the end of the review he could keep only one and had to give up the other [​IMG] 
  5. jincuteguy
    Damn man, that was a lot of hassle hahaa...I hope I won't have to go through what you have for my A8
    Btw, when you remold your A12 was it when 64Audio already doing the 3D printing for the Shell?
  6. bavinck
    Kudos to 64 audio. They are just sending me out another adel module!
  7. jincuteguy
    Did you have to send the broken back to them before they send you the new one? 
  8. bavinck
  9. Denzelwng4
    they don't ask the broken items to be sent back. happened to my cable last time. they sent me anew one.
  10. Dithyrambes
    Really on the ropes of upgrading the V6S to A6. Other than the slightly better soundstage and lower listening volume, is the upgrade worth 500 dollars? I'm sure the upgrade will lead to be better sound, but at this price, I could perhaps get another amp, or upgrade something else in my chain. I only use the v6s when I'm traveling so I question whether it is worth it over getting lets say, a fiio x7. Can anyone provide insight on what would be a better investment?
  11. flipper203
    I have the same question for an upgrade from the 1964 quads to the A4! is it worth the upgrade ? What are the differences between the two models 
  12. ken6217

    If you are happy with the VS6, then upgrade your other equipment if it is going to give you better SQ. Go with whatever is going to give you more bang for the buck.
    Btw, if one of your reasons to get the A6 is for lower listening levels, then I would discount that. I don't find that at all with my A12's. I don't know if other people claim that they can listen lower or not, but maybe you will have the same opinion as me, and then you spent the money on the A6 when you could have upgraded another component.
  13. Canyon Runner
    It is worth mentioning that if you're considering a V series, they will be discontinued shorty, so place your order while the V6-S is available. Everytime somebody is stuck between the V6S and the A6 and has the option to do an A/B comparison at a show, they always go with the A6. Generally speaking if your source is already a good performer, a better IEM leads to superior performance over an amp and a lesser IEM, where an amp isn't 100% needed. If it's matter of headphone + DAP, (rather than continuing to use a phone), that's a real toughy.

    However, given that you're not able to listen to both back to back, it's really up to what you feel is best for your situation.
  14. jincuteguy
    I don't think it's worth $500 to upgrade to the A6.  I think it's better if you saved up more money, and get like a A8 or A12.  
  15. bavinck
    Have you heard any of those iems?
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