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1964 Ears Adel IEMs

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  1. Dizzle77
    I’m in the market for a new pair of earphones and I’ve been pointed in the direction of the ADEL earphones by another member. Never heard of them before, but after doing some reading, I’m intrigued.
    I recently picked up a Fiio X7 and mainly pair it with my Westone 4R. I use 320kbps mp3s and ALAC.  I also listen to a lot of electronic music, but also a variety of others too especially funk and rock. What I’m looking for is something with fairly flat mids and highs, but with slightly increased low end. I’d like to feel the impact of bass without it overpowering any of the other frequencies.
    With the above in mind, I quite like the look of the A4 sound signature. Any thoughts from A4 users? I also like the look of the A8, but with the even more increased bass response I’m worried that this would muddy the other frequencies. Thoughts? I was originally looking at the Shure 846. Can anyone compare them?
  2. ken6217

    For me , I wouldn't even want to hear from any sponsors. There still is marketing going on. If it is kept to owners with real world experience of a specific item, and potential buyers, then there's no other agenda. That was always a pet piece of mine.

    Anyway, I don't want to take away further from this thread.
  3. bavinck
    I did not know know that, thanks for the explanation. I assume a sponsor pays headfi to be a sponsor. If so, imo that looks bad at how the administration at headfi are running things.

    No more off topic from me folks, please don't ban me!
  4. AudioBear
    Obviously the issues surrounding what sponsors and MOTs should and shouldn't say are difficult. Where helpful turns into sales is always a tough call. I take all posts with a grain of salt so knowing who someone works for is useful information but not ncessarily disqualifying.

    I am more perplexed by deciding what's a troll versus what's a strong contrary opinion. In some forums the fanboys flame them and in oghers everybody rushes to sell. I have also noticed a fair number of subtle and sometimrs not so subtle product badhing from people who ate not MOTs but whom I suspect ate paid product bashers or rlse getting gheir jollies by bashing good products. It's an ego-power thing.

    Then there's power cords, magic crystals and pixie dusters. All told you have to be very careful who and what you believe around here.
  5. EagleWings
    Anyone with IE80:
  6. Khragon
    Emailed 64 audio and they will perform reshell service for $349 + shipping and any customizations.
    Now I feel better trying out the A6/U6.  Hopefully able to do that next week at the Socal Canjam.
  7. nudd
    As far as I am aware they said they would not perform reshells for any U-series to convert to A-series. Has that policy changed?
  8. ken6217

    I don't think they will do that either.
  9. Khragon

    Sorry for the confusion, just reshelling an existing A series for another owner, not moving from U to A.
  10. twister6 Contributor
    A common practice known as "transfer of ownership" [​IMG]
  11. Xcellere
    Is there a chance 64 will release a black-colored ADEL module? I think the silver module clashes with the aesthetics of some of the color combinations.
  12. Denzelwng4
    just wanted to share that we can now upgrade our non-Adel ciems...just send back to 64 audio...also the warranty will be defaulted to another 2yrs...Luvin their service...64 audio rocks! [​IMG]
    sending my V8 soon...
  13. kkcc

    Sweet! How much is the upgrade and would that include a reshell? My V8 fit were never as snug as my other CIEMs but not bad enough for me to bother sending it back....
  14. Denzelwng4
    it's $499  for normal upgrade, they will reshell it, so definitely you will solve your fit issues...you may want to send anew impression though...for me, i will still use my old impressions. they still keeped the copy (digital) as what they told me....
    but that's 4-5 weeks wait...$249 for rush ...that's what they quoted me...
  15. tkteo
    Only the Q, V6-Stage and V8.
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