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150 to burn. Looking for advice.

  1. polishruben
    My old etys gave its last breath so I am looking for something new. From the current knowledge gurus, what should I consider? I am looking for IEM, clear, neutral. Listening mostly to jazz, classical, folk, blues. I loved the fit and isolation of my etys. A big big bonus would be to have a mic.

    Any suggestions? Thank you!
  2. lin0003
    Maybe the RE-400? It doesn't have a ic though unfortunately. 
  3. polishruben
    Thank you for recommendation! I will check it out.. they look promising. 
    My old ones ER6 were great. I know the sound was lacking the bass ( as most of the Etys, from what I understand ) I the crispness of highs and the sound detail was mindblowing.. I wouldn't mind something similar maybe with a touch more base. I was thinking maybe the HF2s ?? But again, I know Etys are old school nowdays and there are millions of new players on the market with fantastic qualities.
    Since I don't really follow up with the forum, and it has gazillion of posts, reviews, I was hoping maybe someone could point me to few iems.
    So far I have on my eyeballs:
    ( RHA MA750i looks very nice, but I am not sure if this is not a bass overkill for me ?? hmm )
    .. anything else I should be checking out ?
  4. Berkovajazz
    Get Ety's HF!:)
  5. lin0003
    The MA750s are quite bassy. 
  6. polishruben
    :) to suprime leader Lin003:  I assume you have them ( the MA750s ). If I use eq ( I know, cardinal sin ), could I tune town down the bass? I assume so..
    I love the detail in high. So my question is how flexible with eq tweaking the ma750 is ? My original etys ER6 ( not the i version ), sounded lovely but once in a blue moon I wished it had slightly more defined bass.
    As a graphic designer I am drawn to the design and durability of MAs, but down the road it is all about the sound.
  7. lin0003
    Yes, I have owned the MA750 and here is my review. 
    They do pretty well with EQ and are rather detailed but IMO their sound sig is the thing that is limiting them, being a bit too bassy. 
  8. Mormonsloot
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2017
  9. Nomarkeu
    May I suggest Westone W2. I have them; they're neutral and have more bass than ER4S (from what I read).
  10. polishruben
    w2 ? wait, aren't they like 300 ?
  11. tinyman392
    I'd say something like:
    1. Apple ADDIEM (it's neutral, but not the best, still a good value, sound-wise, for 80 bucks)
    2. HiFiMan RE-400 (best bang for the buck, my suggestion)
    3. Etymotic HF-5 (or HF-2/HF-3; leaner and more neutral)
    4. Phonak PFE-022 + grey filters (I recommend this over the HiFiMan if you can find them)
  12. jant71
    The R-50M is $108 at LMUE...
  13. SilverEars
    I don't know if it's a good suggestion for the price.  If you search around the forum, there are so many options for way less than that with isolation(this is a huge factor when it comes to sound performance).
  14. lin0003
    Personally I would just go with the RE-400 instead of the MA750. 
  15. Nomarkeu
    Oh, they used to be cheaper. Check ebay.com as well.

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