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Sep 4, 2015
Hey guys! I need some recommendations regarding IEMs. I'm just going to copy paste the Reddit form so it'd be easier.
Budget - $150 at most
Source - Laptop, phone, FiiO X3ii in the future
Requirements for Isolation - None really, as long as they don't leak like open-backed 'phones
Preferred Type of Headphone - universal IEM
Preferred tonal balance - i hate sibilance. Mids >= Bass >>>Treble for me, I guess.
Past headphones - NAD Viso HP50 (I love these, using them mainly for dorm though) Soundmagic ES18s (Upgrading from these. They're generally good but lack detail and kinda blow up at higher volumes) Mi Pistons are more or less the same as ES18s.
Preferred Music - Indie/Emo, Metal, Post-hardcore
What would you like to improve on from your set-up - Looking to upgrade from my ES18s. Would want a well-built IEM or ones with detachable cables because I break cables very very easily :frowning2:
IEMs of interest:
FiiO EX1
RHA MA750 (currently my top choice)
Brainwavz B2
anything from SoundMAGIC
Shure SE215
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I will give you 3 to consider:

Ety HF5

Of the three the cleanest, most accurate is the HF5. If you're looking for audiophile grade Mids and highs with added oomph, the DX160ie is sure to please. Finally the XBA-H1 offers a sound signature that's hard to ignore.
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I was about to recommend the Audio Technica ATH-CKR10's but since you've mentioned breaking cables very often, I'm not too sure.
I had them replaced twice this year in a span of less than 4 months!
Otherwise, I'm very sure its sound signature will suit you very much.
It's my favorite IEM besides the cable. You can probably have it modded with a detachable cable in the future (which I'm planning on).
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I have no problems recommending the Shure SE-215's. They are worth every penny to me. Tight, concise bass, great mids, highs can leave a bit to be desired sometimes. But its not enough for me to complain about. Also, detachable cables means you can upgrade/replace the cord as needed. 
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Thanks, everyone!!! 

If you can spare $20 then the dunu dn 1000

The FiiO EX1s are rebranded Dunu Titans that are somehow cheaper (luv u FiiO), are the Titans any good?
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  The FiiO EX1s are rebranded Dunu Titans that are somehow cheaper (luv u FiiO), are the Titans any good?

yup they are from what heard the dunu titians are but i dont own one so i cant say for myself
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  At under 100 bucks you could grab the EX-1's and still have some cash left over for a decent amp or DAP too. wouldn't be a bad place to begin either. EX-1's are pretty nice.

Indeed! My current plan is to get the EX1s and the X3ii. If i get the RHAs i'd still get the x3ii but much later. Anyway, the EX1s seem pretty durable anyway and FiiO has a pretty big presence where I live so I might just get em.

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