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150 euro(190 dollar) headset, which to buy? (Gaming, trance/techno music)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by typhi, Nov 9, 2012.
  1. Typhi
    Ey guys,
    I am thinking about buying a good comfortable headset for gaming and trance music for 150 euro (190 dollar). I also care abit about the looks (but that's personal ofcourse, so you can't decide for me) so I wonder what you guys suggest. So far I have been searching and I got this headset which seemed nice to me;
    AKG K272HD
    AKG K-142 HD
    Ultrasone 580
    Some requirements I have:
    1. Full size headset over the ear
    2. Super comfortable 12+ hours wearing a day
    3. Very good for (trance) music and gaming
    I already did some research but I wonder what you guys with far more experience do suggest.
    Kind regards,
  2. fjeena
    I have the HFI 780, which is slightly over your budget at £150. I have never tried the 580, but from what ive read its the same, just the 780 is a bit more refined, with a bit less bass. Ultrasones are extremely good for all sub genres of EDM, i only listen to trance and house and the 780s are brilliant for it!!
    Although a lot of people dont like the comfort, i dont have an issue with the slightly tighter headband and pleather pads.
    I wouldnt know how they compare to the AKGs, but in terms of SQ you wont be dissapointed with the 580/780
  3. MalVeauX
    Beyer DT770
    Ultrasone PRO 750 (or HFI 580 & 780 if cost prohibits)
    AudioTechnica A900X
    Very best,
  4. Typhi
    Hi Malveaux,
    Beyerdynamic is here 140 euro. This is the 250 ohm version. What is the difference between 250 and 80 ohm?
    Also what about comfort? Is it wearable for 12+ hours?
    This Beyer fits the budget, but I might also like to know more about the Ultrasone (Which one is better?)
  5. MalVeauX
    There's no difference between the two impedances. You're simply given the option to have a different impedance so that you can match it better to various amplifiers based on your source gear. They're the same headphone, they simply have impedance options. One is not better or inferior. The same is true for all the DT series by Beyer. People say they hear differences, but what they're hearing is the difference in matching impedance loads to an amplifier and how the amplifier behaves and controls the driver, rather than the actual headphone itself being "different" (which it is not). Higher impedance does not mean higher quality at all. The 250ohm version is going to need slightly more amplification than the 80ohm version. Both are very easy to drive though, and I simply suggest you get which ever is the least expensive for you.
    Beyer comfort in the DT series and T series are legendary. Simply one of the top series for comfort.
    Ultrasone is not better; it's a different flavor, different signature. They have a house sound that is unique to them, and it's rather love or hate people seem to find. I tend to not like Ultrasone house sound. Ultrasone likes to spike treble pretty harshly. They're great headphones, built well, and some are sonically great (HFI780 and PRO750). Good accessories, detachable cables, carry cases, etc. But you have to be ok with really spiked treble (brighter than Beyers in general).
    Between a Beyer and an Ultrasone, at least in my experience so far, I'm always going with the Beyer. But that's just my preference.
    Very best,
  6. Typhi
    Wow, thanks for the heads up! Really pumped to get the Beyer at the moment! :) Just a short question about the Beyer though, is it also easily repairable? Like an detachable cable, which is a very nice feature but not necessary, but still nice. :) I am probably going for the Beyer since you actually got almost 5000 posts (congratz! :wink:) so you must be pretty familiar with audio, which puts weight on the case :)
    Many thanks,
    PS:Oh one quick question just popped in my head, you are talking about the Beyer DT770 Pro right?
    I am probably going to buy it here:
  7. Typhi
    Also I hope the 250 ohm will be fine, as I use it with my smartphone and PC without anything between it. 
  8. MalVeauX
    It's going to need an amp to perform ideally.
    Very best,
  9. Typhi
    I ordered the 250 ohm version since it has some differences with the 80 ohm version. Will it just work as good on PC and mobile phones? Or will I just not be able to reach the maximum volume (I never go to maximum volume I am usually at 10-20%).
  10. MalVeauX
    Again, you will probably need a small amplifier to achieve ideal results. Listening volume might be possible depending on your phone, but that doesn't mean it will be at full dynamics. I would suggest a Fiio E11 or JDS Labs CMOY, or if you're broke, a Fiio E6 at least. Just try it out on your PC/Phone and see what you think. If it sounds kind of tizzy and bass shy, then it's not getting enough power and needs an amplifier.
    Very best,
  11. Typhi
    I might change it to the 80 ohm then (that is supposed to work on smartphones & pc in ideally right?). :)
    Thanks for the help you gave, you are very good at this stuff ^^
  12. Typhi
    Just ordered the 80 ohm, instead of the 250 ohm. I hope 80 ohm will work fine without an amp on my PC and smartphone (Nexus 4)
    Someone got any experience with this?
  13. AlvinS
    Have you thought about Sennheiser HD380?
  14. Typhi
    I already bought the Beyerdynamic 770 DT Pro (80 ohm). I actually don't really like the design of Sennhesier, but that's personal though.
    But maybe you can help me out with the ohm kind of thing? I went from 250 ohm, to 80 ohm since I have been told that 250 ohm will not work optimal on PC's and smartphones were I use it. Do you know if 80 ohm does?
  15. fjeena

    I have the 80ohm. I am using a FiiO E11 which is fantastic IMO. It will need atleast a small amplifier to reach its full potential. The headphones will work without an amp, and i suggest u wait till you get them to try them out without an amp and then you can decide from there. As MalVeauX pointed out earlier.

    The ohms dont really matter in your case, the difference between the 250 and 80ohm is relevant when your matching it with an amp.

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