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150$ cans advice - upgrading from m50

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by pentel21, Nov 18, 2012.
  1. pentel21
    Hey guys,
    I have been a happy owner of the M50 for 5 months. I really love the sound signature of these, but I'm looking for cans that offer more comfort, and better (wider) soundstage. 
    I saw that DT770 have velour pads so I guess these can be way more comfortable than m50, but is the upgrade from M50 to DT770 worth it for 150$ ? 
    And yeah I'm open to closed or open headphones, as I will use these only at home. The M50's are my portable cans anyway. 
    Thanks! :) 
  2. Dyaems
    the dt770 is more of a sidegrade than an upgrade IMHO, and it has alot more bass than m50 if you like that and also doesnt have big soundstage
  3. pentel21
    thanks for your advice dyaems.
    well, what about the DT990 Pro (250 ohms)  then? 
    I will use these for gaming/music/movie. 
    and to power them, I have a fiio e11 amp, plus I can buy a sound card like Xonar DG for 30 bucks... 
    Sounds good or not ? 
  4. MalVeauX
    The DT770 is going to be better in almost all respects over the M50. I would take it in a heart beat over the M50, even at that price.
    However, that said, since this is for home and the M50 is going to stay, you might as well explore an open air headphone. The DT990 would be an excellent way to go (DT990 PRO). Maybe pick up a Xonar DG or DGX (PCI-E if needed), or maybe go ahead and get the Fiio E10 (I would get the E10 honestly, more powerful, and just nicer in general to have it discreet and able to use it on any machine, since it's USB). The DT990 is bassy, big sound stage, bright treble. Great for your needs, assuming you're ok with bright treble. If you need something with less bright treble, maybe consider the Ultrasone HFI 2400.
    Very best,
    pentel21 likes this.
  5. pentel21
    Hey malveaux, hope you're fine! 
    I thought about a sound card because of the price. And as I will use these cans only in one gaming PC (the other one is the macbook air, which is always in my bag, like the M50s). Unless you say that the extra 50$ for the E10 are worth it overall. 
    Bang! That's what I love. I personally prefer the V shape more than neutral cans. Although the soundstage is really important to me (at least for this purchase). 
    Oh and when you say "bright" treble, how do you compare it to the Grado SR60? 
  6. MalVeauX

    Sound card is $30~40. The E10 is $65. Price difference is pretty small. Power output is more on the E10, versatility of being able to go from one machine to another without worrying if there's a card slot, etc, or driver problems, software problems, etc, the E10 simply is easier and going to travel around more with you. But if it's all about gaming, then stick to the sound card maybe (only if you use surround effects that the card provides, like dolby headphone; if you don't do this, there's zero merit to having the sound card over another solution).
    The DT990's treble is brighter than the Grado SR60i's, not by a ton, but by a little.
    Very best,
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  7. pentel21
    Ok that's not a problem for the treble. I liked the sound of the SR60. 
    I saw that Asus Xonar cards have Dolby logo, so the surround should work fine I guess. 
    Here in Canada, I can get at this moment
    27$ - Xonar DG 
    37$ - Xonar DGX 
    85$ (Mp4Nation) - Fiio E10, the difference of ~50$ between this and Xonar DG. 
    Concerning the sound cards, is there a big difference between DG and DGX? which one should I get?
  8. MalVeauX
    Ah, Canada. Enough said.
    The DG is PCI. The DGX is PCI-E. Otherwise, they're the same. Both have Dolby Headphone, if you wanted that for surround (I don't care for it myself).
    Very best,
  9. pentel21
    Canada... you got it haha. [​IMG]
    Ok so I will save up (10$ whatever...) and get the DG. 
    And last question, the DT990 as you said have very great soundstage, so I guess the surround effect will help just a "little". Am I right?  
  10. MalVeauX

    Sound stage and surround are different things. Sound stage and imaging are for separation of notes, being able to hear things being separated, some left, some right, etc, positioning. Surround effects blow things up, make it all seem far away, so that it's easier to make you think you're in a 3D space. It does this by basically sounding like an echo sounds. I find that surround emulation just kills audio quality in general. But that's just my opinion and experience.
    Very best,
  11. pentel21
    I have had "gaming" headset (Logitech G35) and they virtually make a 7.1 sound with dolby. The effect is really nice but as you said, it simply kills audio quality. 
    Do you know if we can disable/enable Dolby in Asus Xonar cards? 
    Thanks [​IMG]
  12. MalVeauX
    Yes, the Dolby Headphone is something you turn on & off in the software control panel. It's not a default thing.
    Very best,
  13. pentel21
    That's it for me. My choice is way more clear than before.
    Thanks again Malveaux! (for your patience particularly ^^)
    Very best. [​IMG]
  14. pentel21
    A Last thanks for MalVeaux. I received my DT990 today and oh my ! Just listening to Avishai Cohen,Agnes Obel and wooooow, the treble, the voice, the details ! [​IMG]
    I really love them, this is what I call a huge upgrade from M50 [​IMG]
    I'm using them with my E11 right now but will buy E10 to use on my laptop + Xonar DG (gaming) 
    Do I need to burn them in ? 

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