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$150 and not sure which one to pick!

  1. LAbiker85
    Balance: $150, and I could save for another $150 if worth it.
    I want something that is highly mobile and could use it everyday at college. Sound quality matters and so is the noise cancelling feature.
    I don't want one of the bulky Gaming PC headsets, I have my PC360 (With broken mic, will appreciate any suggestion for a fix btw) which is pretty much limiting my mobile activities and extremely inconvenient for my needs.
    The reason I want the noise cancelling feature because I travel a lot, and 15 hours of international flight isn't fun with the noise of jet engines, especially with the economy class seats.
    So far I'm leaning toward Bose QuiteComfort 20, but I'm sure there are a lot better choices that are better than multi billion brands.
  2. BenF

    Get JVC HA-S680 - it's portable with great sound and comfort.
    Isolation is decent, you can improve it by taping the bass ports for the flight.
    It's just 81$ on eBay, so you can spend another 57$ on the asynchronous Sabre DAC:
    A great phone requires a good source to show its real capabilities.
  3. TekeRugburn
    If u want noise cancellation than bose is tops.
  4. BenF
    At twice the price he can afford.
  5. getclikinagas
    Etymotic Research HF5/HF3(if you need inline)
    Quoting mark2410
  6. TekeRugburn
    "So far I'm leaning toward Bose QuiteComfort 20"........ He's the one that mentioned Bose was an option.  Why don't you stop pushing those new S680 that you jou just bought on everyone.

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