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120 angled MMCX plug in for IEM, need some help.

  1. justin323032
    I just ordered some some custom sleeves for my shure se 846 and I've read and seen that the typical 180 degree, or straight, mmcx plug can cause some issues with the cable as it wraps around the ear. I've seen some angled, 120 degree, mmcx plugs that have a much more natural fit around the ear but I'm having troubling finding any. Can anyone point me in some directions of some? There is one product on amazon but the price point is a little high considering I don't know what kind of quality it has.



    Screenshot of example.
  2. Darksoul
    LQi cables has the option of using angled connectors for your IEM.
  3. justin323032
    Aprreciate it, I'll check them out.
  4. linknewnet

    Cisco Catalyst 3560-X系列交换机WS-C3560X-48U-E

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