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11th Calgary Head-Fi Meet Sunday May 31st, 2015 at University of Calgary

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  1. swich401
    11th Calgary Head-Fi Meet Sunday May 31st, 2015 at University of Calgary
    1) Where?

    It is going to be at University of Calgary

    SH274 Room is confirmed
    Scurfield Hall Building

    We will need to collect 5 dollars for the room from each member,
    University is charging 71.40 dollars for the 4 hours
    (it is going to be 17.00*4 hours = 68+tax)

    We now have sponsorship for our meet from Grant Fidelity (grantfidelity.com) to cover room costs and the meet has been extended to a 7 hour meet!
    New time is from noon-7pm.
    Parking lot 31 is the best

    if you cant find it, please use this link and do the search

    University 's parking is around 8 dollars per entry on Sunday
    I'll send my phone # to everyone closer to May 31st so that you can give me a call if you can't find the parking/building.
    I forgot to do this sooner:
    Hey everyone, here is my phone number if you need to reach me for anything, e.g. directions on finding the room:  78 0 - two 67 - 1 seven z.e.r.o. 2    (spaced so internet bots can't find my number [​IMG])

    2) When?

    May 31st
    Noon to 7:00 pm
    3) How many people?

    Please send me a personal message if you're interested in coming. Include what you will be bringing. We welcome newcomers without gear as well!!
    I will send a message to people who came to the last meeting before and people who showed interest but couldn't make it!!

    1: swich401
    2: hakushondaimao
    3: LostInMyDream
    4: nailbunny7
    5: I Love BMW
    6: mikoss
    7: clem24
    8: notfitforpublic
    9: micmacmo
    10: Honkytime
    11: ian209
    12: ian209's Friend
    13: GNURush
    14: GNURush's dad
    15: rezolver 
    16: joneeboi
    17: gasmonkey
    18: ady1989
    19: BobMonkhouse
    20: EdmontonCanuck (maybe)
    21: Eddie C
    22: Malfunkt
    23: semaj8james
    24: AgentXXL
    25: swich401's brother
    26: loremipsum
    27: furyagain (maybe)
    28: James (f/ Absolute Audio)
    29: bavinck
    30: JonJeffman
    31: JonJeffman co-worker1
    32: JonJeffman co-worker2
    33: rigodeni
    34: Febri Misaka

    Please pm if you interest in joining us !!!!!

    4 ) GEAR
    Gear that we should have at the meet:

    -Sennheiser HD800 (Hardwired & balanced)
    -AKG K7XX (x2)
    -Phillips SHP9500
    -Brainwavs HM-5
    -Sennheiser HD598
    -Sennheiser HD600
    -Beyerdynamic T1
    -Sennheiser HD650 (x2)
    -Audeze LCD-3 Fazor
    -Fostex TH900
    -Denon D7100
    -Sennheiser HD558
    -Sennheiser Momentum Over Ear
    -Beyerdynamics DT 770 Pro's (250 ohms)
    -DT 880 Premiums (600 ohms)
    -Hifiman HE-400
    -Sennheiser HD 518's
    -Sennheiser Amperiors 
    -Audio Technica 900x's
    -Sennheiser HD598 (w/ Ebay Cable)
    -Sennheiser HD800 (w/ Custom made cable)
    -HE-500 with JergPads
    -Grado SR60 (modded)
    -Koss Portapro
    -Denon Ah-MM400
    -Onkyo ES-FC300
    -Philips Fidelio X2
    -Senn HD25-1 II
    -Audeze LCD-3c (non-fazored)
    -Audio Technica ESW9
    -Audeze LCD-2 rev1 and rev2
    -Sennheiser HD800 (w/ custom modular cable)
    -Hifiman HE-560 (w/ custom modular cable + both types of earpads)
    -Audio Technica R70x
    -Sennheiser Momentum Black over-the-ear
    -Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 250 ohm
    -Focal Spirit Classic
    -Audio Technica ATH-MSR7
    -Oppo PM-3
    -Grado PS500
    -Stax SR-007 MKII
    -Audeze EL-8
    -Hifiman HE500 Focus A pads
    -Sennheiser HD650
    -AKG K612
    -Audeze EL-8 Open
    -Stax SR-202
    -Stax Sigma
    -AKG K612 Pro
    -Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro
    -Sennheiser HD 25-1 II
    -Grado SR60i
    -ESS RLM-713

    IEM - please bring your own ear tips if you'd like to try out these IEMs!
    -HiFiMan RE400
    -TTPOD T1-E
    -Noble 4 Universal
    -Havi B3 Pro 1 (x2)
    -RHA MA750
    -Sony XBA-H1
    -T-Peos Altone 150
    -SoundMagic E10S
    -Vsonic GR07 BE
    -HifiMan RE-400
    -Dunu Trident
    -Monoprice 8320
    -Aurisonic Rockets
    -Sony XBA-30
    -Soundmagic E30
    -HiFiMan RE-400
    -Brainwavz M5
    -DUNU DN-12 Trident
    -Earsonics sm3 v1 (filters removed)
    -Ultimate Ears UE900 
    -Head Direct RE-0
    -Westone W40
    -Shure SE-530
    -Shure SE-215
    -KZ ED9
    -InEar SD-2
    -T-PEOS Altone 350
    -T-PEOS Altone 250
    -T-PEOS Altone 150
    -Noble 6
    -Skullcandy 50/50
    -RHA MA150
    -DUNU Titan1

    -Schiit Modi
    -Schiit Gungnir (x2)
    -Schiit Yggdrasil
    -Asus Xonar Essence One
    -HiFimeDIY Sabre 64
    -Asus Xonar U2
    -Exasound e20 MkIII dac (with upgraded femto clock)
    -Cypher Labs Algorythm Solo -dB (192/24 balanced portable DAC)
    -Teac UD-H01
    -Angstrom 200
    -Resonessence Concero HP
    -Matrix X-Sabre
    -Matrix Mini-i Pro
    -Schiit Fulla
    -Aune T1 tube DAC/Headphone amp
    -Wyred 4 Sound DAC2
    -Audio-GD NFB 10.33
    -Ray Samuels Audio 'The Intruder' (48/16 balanced portable DAC/AMP)
    -LH Labs Geek Pulse Infinity (w/ Geek LPS4 external analog power supply)
    -Fiio E17K
    -Resonessence Herus+
    -Resonessence Concero HD
    -Resonessence Invicta
    -ALO Audio "The Island"
    -Yulong DA8
    -Yulong D200
    -Cozoy Astrapi (Mini DAC/AMP)

    -Bottlehead Mainline (ultra upgraded)
    -Cypher Labs Picollo
    -JDS Labs O2
    -Fiio E12A amplifier
    -Bottlehead Crack (several mods)
    -Custom OTL 6DJ8/ECC88 headphone amp (based off Cavalli Audios take on the Futterman OTL topology)
    -Custom OTL headphone amp based on the Aikido White Cathode Follower topology (maybe)
    -Woo WA2
    -Little Dot MKVI+
    -Fiio E11K
    -Audio gd 15.32
    -Audio gd ROC SA
    -Schiit Magni
    -FiiO E6
    -Woo Audio WA6-SE
    -Carrie Amp (custom design)
    -Cayin C5
    -JDS Labs cMoyBB
    -Fiio E12A
    -Woo WA7 + WA7tp combo
    -Apex Spire
    -JDS Labs C5D
    -Gustard H10
    -ALO Rx
    -SRM-007t II (electrostatic amp to power the Stax SR-007 MKII)
    -Cayin C5 (Portable Amp)
    -Yulong A28 (Fully Balanced)
    -SRM-1 MkII amp/energizer

    Portable players
    -Fiio X3ii
    -Sony ZX1
    -Astell&Kern Ak100ii
    -Fiio X3
    -iPhone 6+
    -Fiio X5 2nd Gen
    -iBasso DX90
    -Cayin N6
    -Hidizs AP100
    -Opera Consonance Suzanne 32bit DSD (w/ docking station)
    -Astell&Kern AK Jr
    --- *** Don't forget to bring power bars, extension cords, source (e.g. laptop), and any other cables required if you're planning on bringing AMPs or DACs *** ---
    --- *** Please also bring music/audio files that you would like to listen to on portable storage drives (e.g. flash drive) so they can be tested on other people's rigs *** ---
    Meet Rules:
    1) Always wear a name tag (name tags will be found outside of the classroom door). Write your real first name and your Head-Fi user name if you have one. Take some sticky tags to label your gear.
    Enter your name (only once) for a draw when you get your name tag! Prizes to be won:
    a.Six (6) IEM prizes: 4x T-Peos D220n (dynamic), one T-Peos Amadeus (2-way hybrid), one T-Peos H-150 (3-way hybrid)
    i.Courtesy of CTC audio: http://www.ctcaudio.com/
    b.2 Prizes of: Yulong CU2 USB Silver Plated Copper (SPC) Digital Signal Cable (4ft)
    i.Courtesy of Grant Fidelity, who sponsored the meet and paid for the room for us (http://shop.grantfidelity.com)
    2) Remember that you're trying out another member's gear.
    a.* Treat all gear with the utmost respect.
    b.* Respect the owner's wishes.
    c.* Give it all the velvet cushion treatment.
    d.* Do not place headphones on top of other gear--if you're not sure where to put it, ask the owner.
    e.* Do not remove any gear from a setup without the owner's permission.
    f.* Do not remove any cables or make any other changes to the setup without the owner's permission.
    g.* If you do take gear away from a table, or borrow cables, adapters, or power strips, try to remember where you got it from, and bring it back when you're done. In all the excitement, it's easy to forget where you got that 1/4" to 3.5mm headphone adapter.
    h.* If you listen loud remember to lower the volume for the next person.
    i.* If you don't know or are just curious about something, ask someone. Anyone. Someone knows, or knows someone who knows.
    j.“You break it, you buy it” policy
    k.* Ask if you're not sure how to operate any gear, or you're just curious about the system setup. Some gear requires headphones to be plugged in at all times, some gear doesn't like it when you unplug headphones unless the volume is turned all the way around. Don't just assume that everything works the same way. Just ask, it can save a lot of heartache.
    3) Introduce yourself to other members when you get in the room
    a.Don’t be shy, other members in this hobby are usually extremely nice from my experience!
    b.Ask me (Mischa, a.k.a. swich401) or Eric (@hakushondaimao) where you can put gear if you brought any.
    4) Personal hygiene is important
    a.* Wash your hair and your ears--and behind your ears.
    b.* Avoid the use of products like hair gel, hair spray, mousse, etc. Seriously, some of the headphones you'll have the opportunity to try cost more than a good used car.
    c.* Clean out your ears so you can hear better
    d.* Don't forget the deodorant (THIS goes for Oldtimers as well). Baby powder & cologne are not adequate substitutes.
    e.* With all the gear & other members, it gets warm in the room. Dress accordingly.
    5) No food or drink within the classroom
    a.Step outside of the classroom if you want to eat or drink
    b.Wash your hands if dirty before touching anything
    -Bring extension cables, power bars, etc.
    -Bring cables to hook up gear. Bring extra cables if you have them, especially adaptor cables or adaptors (e.g. 3.5mm to 1/4” adaptor, etc.)
    -Bring IEM tips if you want to try out the IEMs at the meet. We may or may not have some extras that can be used.
    -Parking: Lot 31 is best – around $8 – find here: http://www.ucalgary.ca/map/
    -Bring some music on flash/USB drive to try on other people’s system
    -Bring some alcohol swabs to clean off IEM  tips after use
  2. hakushondaimao
  3. LostInMyDream
    Subb'd and thrilled!
  4. hakushondaimao
    Looking forward to trying some Schiit equipment.
  5. LostInMyDream
    Not until today innerfidelity clarified that A17's output impedence is roughly 3 ohm did I realize why my Angie sounded so veiled out of A17, damn it... So possibly I'll just try to sell/trade the A17 or to get a good portable amp (A17's battery life is phenomenal, which is a huge pro for me). Now I'm very interested in trying out the portable amps on the meet!
  6. nailbunny7
    3 ohm output impedance isn't so bad... when you look at other great sounding things such as the bottlehead crack, which has an output impedance of around 120ohm, iirc.
  7. LostInMyDream
    Bottlehead Crack is a tube amp and it should inherently have high output impedance, I'm not suprised. And generally you're not supposed to use any IEMs on a tube thing, maybe except something like Schiit Valhala 2, or Elekit TU-HP01. A17 is a different story. It's solid state and portable. It doesn't have a lot of power (and I assume it's designed with the mind set that it should go along with IEMs and portable cans, all of which typically go around 32 ohm nominal impedance and are efficient). For example the original Momentum has a nominal impedance of 18 ohm. Angie is rated as 17 ohm nominal.
    But - here's a big but - these are NOMINAL impedance. Impedance varies with frequencies so multi-BA IEMs like Angie can go a further step down, which means anything feeding them should have an output impedance lower than 1 ohm. Something like Herus will do the job. And in addition solid state stuff inherently can be designed with very, very low output impedance, ESPECIALLY when it's for portable use. 
  8. nailbunny7
    All I was just saying 3 ohms wasn't all that low, considering most audiophile headphones start around 32 ohm nominal impedance :wink:
    But, as for the tube thing always having a high impedance, that is true, but using an output transformer to appropriately match the output impedance to that of the headphone is a solution to that (or running several tubes in parallel to decrease output impedance and increase power. There are also other ways...).
    I'm actually working on a neat project (won't be done for some time tho) that uses 6SN7s as driver tubes for a pair of 45 tubes with custom output transformers for a headphone amp. I plan to use them with my Audeze whenever I get the chance to pick up a pair for a reasonable price.
    Anyways, I will be attending and bringing a few things:
    Sennheiser HD600
    Beyerdynamic T1
    Schiit Gungnir
    Bottlehead Crack (several mods, I'll mention if anyone wants to know)
    Custom OTL 6DJ8/ECC88 headphone amp based off Cavalli Audios take on the Futterman OTL topology
    *maybe* Custom OTL headphone amp based on the Aikido White Cathode Follower topology (if I finish this in time, I'll bring it. It uses 12SN7 and 12SX7 tubes)
  9. LostInMyDream

    My apologies for having mistaken your point, I want to add a point: because Sony marketed (and designed) the A17 to be an audiophile product, it really should have taken the wacky super low impedance multi BA IEMs into account. Sony has the resources to do the low output impedance, and it can be done relatively easily. But all I see is the 3ohm and all I hear is Angie sounding veiled, and the little Sony fanboy in me died...

    But it's amazing of you to be a DIY person, I've always wanted to learn a bit about the inside of amps! That's another purpose of going to meets isn't it... Also HD600 is a classic pair with tubes. Now sir you've got me intrigued...
  10. LostInMyDream
    For people who mind the sanitary issue of IEMs, please bring your own tips. FYI, my Angie and Noble 4 use Comply T500.
  11. hakushondaimao

    For those wanting to try some IEMs, I'll also bring my Havi B3 Pro 1, RHA MA750, Sony XBA-H1 and the new T-Peos Altone 150. If you want to try them, do please bring ear tips with you.
  12. swich401
    Well, I just invited over 40 people. If even a portion of them respond to my PM, it should be a crazy good turnout!!
    hakushondaimao likes this.
  13. mikoss
    @nailbunny7 please tell me you're coming and bringing your T1's and your magnificent BHC!!
    edit: Wahoooo, just caught up and see you are. Heyyy I'll bring some wonderful 6DJ8 tubes for that custom amp of yours! *droooolls*
  14. clem24
    I should be able to make it.
    Fostex TH900
    Denon D7100
    Little Dot MKVI+
    Wyred 4 Sound DAC2
  15. mikoss
    You may also want to put a post on CAM about this... I know there are enthusiasts there as well who should be well behaved. It's up to you though swich.
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