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the only one i can think of is on the Lupin III anniversary CD, called "Love Squall (Fujiko's Theme) sung by Jun Sasaki. here's the link to the album, you should be able to find it somewhere-


what the crap it's over 30 bucks at amazon. i better be happy i got it as a gift back in '99.


hmm looks like they released it in the states under the name "Lupin III: Sideburn Remixes." Since there is one extra mix of Love Squall on there, why not for 4 bucks used.
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Originally Posted by Sduibek
And no Jpop either, most of that is junk. I'm looking for quality Japanese musicians with a similar style to this song.

A little hint, try not to piss of the people who might have the information you are looking for.(they are a sensitive bunch)
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Originally Posted by Sduibek
but finding it is like trying to find a decent song by U2...

Wow, that's just pissing off a completely different group of people.

Anyway, have you ever tried to search for Yoko Kanno's other works. She did some work with Maaya Sakamoto which a lot of people here like. But that might be a little too Jpop-ish for you.

And yes, Japanese CDs are outragously priced in America (30-40$s for a cd, 10-20$s for a single
)... but of course there are ways to get around that...
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Unfortunately, I do not have the song mentioned in the title so I don't know exactly what kind of sound you're looking for, but one group I like quite a bit that, in my opinion, is a little different than the usual jpoppy feel is Garnet Crow. Even if it's not exactly what you're looking for, they're worth checking out.
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Don't ever listen to Garnet Crow live. If you have an ear, you'll never listen to her with a straight face again.
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Did you ever look up anything else by Ms. Kanno?

I would suggest both Macross Plus Soundtracks, she did those and I like them better than most Cowboy Bebop stuff. The Sharon Apple tracks are very ahead of their time.

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