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1024 screen resolution support

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by suicidal_orange, Nov 14, 2013.
  1. suicidal_orange
    I often browse on a netbook with a 1024x600 screen and this has always been fine, but in the past couple of days (since the username dropdown feature was added in the top right) the forum pages all have a horizontal scrollbar. 
    While a bigger screen is common there are a lot of netbooks and tablets out there, so please can the site be resized to how it used to be?
  2. TMRaven
    And at the very least you can set the forum container to dynamically resize once it goes past 1024.  1024 should be a pretty standard width to work with for websites.
  3. joe Administrator
    Thanks for the information.  I'll make the suggestion to the tech team.
  4. suicidal_orange
    For anyone else who's struggling with this (getting annoyed scrolling to read every post) the mobile theme works well for viewing but posting lacks smilies amongst other things. Here's hoping the tech team listen to Joe (thanks by the way!)
  5. TMRaven
    You guys havn't fixed this yet.

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