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~$1000 budget for Cans for on the go

  1. Scorpion667

    Interesting, I'll have to try those out!
  2. Scorpion667
    I have since tried many of the headphones suggested here. My verdict might surprise you. I found that the isolation on DT770 Pro to be unmatched. Bose QC15 doesn't even come close! So I might go with DT770 pro 32ohm which for some reason sounds better than my 80ohm version(even when properly amplified). To my ears it's a bit of a SQ downgrade from my Pro900 but that isolation is bananas =P
    I suppose I should look in to Beyer'd higher end closed cans as well. I dunno the DT770 is far from the perfect can but it has a special place in my heart, nomsayin'?

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  3. davidsh
    I know there's also a special edition made to attenuate 25 or 35 dB mainly for live venues or recording sessions or something.
    Was it the 32 ohm limited edition?
  4. yeongman
    I'm quite surprised no one has mentioned the ATH ANC9. They have better sound isolation as compared with the QC15 while providing better sound quality.
  5. e22big
    may be so, I have never tried DT770 so I can't say a thing :p it's not quite easy to get a hand on it from where I came from.
  6. groovyd
    T5p used
    haven't heard them yet but am also thinking the new Sony Z7 might be another good option from what I have heard.
  7. takato14
    Etymotic ER-4S
    Beyerdynamic DT1350 if you absolutely must have a headphone and not an IEM, though they're nowhere near the etys
    Beyer DT150 might be a good option, its kind of huge though

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