~$100 IEM recommendations
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Jul 28, 2008
I've done quite a bit of research on this, but would still like specific feedback before I make my purchase. I'm very new to this, this will be my first upgrade from sub-$10 earbuds. I have a cowon X5L. As for music taste, I listen mainly to electronic stuff and metal. The electronic stuff is mostly trance and the metal is mostly symphonic/gothic stuff. Bass is somewhat important to me, and poor bass has been a complaint for many of the iems I looked at. My budget is about $150 at the absolute most, but I would really prefer to stay around $100, preferably even less, unless there is some amazingly huge jump in sound quality at that price point.

The one I am currently settled on is the Denon C751K. The only issue I can find with that is that it doesn't have the best isolation, which is a factor for me, but I'm sure I could live with it. Other ones I've seriously considered so far are the Super-fi 3s and the er6i. So would the C751s be good for my taste, and are there any others at that price point I should look into?
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Mar 6, 2006
i'm in the same boat as you and i believe 2 big contenders at this price point are the westone UM1 and the Head-direct RE2. If you're looking for pure SQ I wouldnt even consider the er-6i as the altec lansing im716s are available and derived from ER-4s. Super.fi 3s are at a ~60 dollar price point. I RMA'ed my im716s and am getting back their super.fi3 clone which I won't even bother to demo.

I was going to make a thread similar to yours today too, but seeing as you already made one there's no reason. I'm 90% sure i'm getting the RE2s though

edit: now i looked up the denon c700s(c751k) and now i'm having a hard time deciding between the c700 and RE2. curse you head-fi
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May 30, 2008
RE2's are pretty good, but if bass is important to you, you might find it lacking.

If you don't need the isolation, I'd suggest the Yuins. If you want lots of bass and can go up to $150, you could try the Atrios.
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Nov 29, 2007
Head-Direct RE2s provide the best sound quality for under a $100. UM1s are über comfy and isolate a wee bit better, but the sound quality is not on par with that of the RE2s.

Super.fi 3 Studios are well worth the money, but nothing fantastic for the price. They are great if you want a budget pair of in-ears with good isolation and reasonable sound quality for the money.

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