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100$ computer speakers with some requirements

  1. antonyfirst
    Hi, as the title says, I'd like some advice for a 2.0 or 2.1 computer speakers.
    I have some requirements (obviously I am not expecting everything from such a cheapo):

    Bass mustn't be overemphasized, but needs to stay and tight. Weak bass would be acceptable too, but I don't want bloat.

    I would like warm mids, with some emphasis from 300Hz to anywhere between 700 and 1000Hz. Above that, I would like a neutral response or even a subdued response.

    I'd like subdued treble, no spikes, no harshness, no sibilance. Losing some detail isn't going to be a problem, but I want the least fatigue possible.

    I want the least distorsion possible for the price, but I am not going to turn the volume up to ear-crashing levels.

    I can also look for vintage stuff, as long as the speakers come with their own amplification for a cheap price. 1/8 input is welcomed but not strictly necessary, I have no issues in using adapters.

    Thank you.
  2. Zebra
    What about space, what size footprint is available for the speakers?
  3. antonyfirst
    I'd use them on the floor, I'd say max size I can accept is the footprint of a personal computer case, for each speaker piece.
  4. pyrokid
    Swan m10 seems good for you.
    'Should check it out.
  5. antonyfirst
    The suggestion is nice, but I am afraid when people talk about "crystal clear" or "crisp" sound, since that in most cases translates in boosted highs which I want to absolutely avoid.
  6. LeftyGorilla
    Buy 2 pair of Audioengine A2 at ListenUp for $99 each.

    Sell one pair for $150.

    Should be a group order.
  7. Calexico
    ^ If you get two I might be interested in paying for 1 set (For $100 though, not $150 lol)
  8. classicalguy
    Leftygorilla: I don't get it. Normal price is $200 a pair. Listen up selling for $99.50 each, or $199 a pair. Not much savings. Buy two pairs, and sell one for a $50 loss? Hard to follow the logic. Am I missing something?

    I think Infinity Primus 142s are available on ebay bidding for about $100 per pair, if you're persistent. If you want more bass, the 152s and 162s might fit the bill. Very good budget speakers. Add a t-amp, and you're got good sound for little $$. Good desktop or starter system. You'll need stands if floor mounting, of course.
  9. LeftyGorilla
    Well, I'm not certain. I don't work for ListenUp and I have not called them to inquire as I found the site after buying a pair of A2s elsewhere.


    From what I understand, the A2s are sold (boxed) by the pair. They have to be. One of the speakers has the amp built in and the other is passive.

    So if ListenUp is selling in multiples of 2, this means you get 2 x 1 pair of speakers at $99 per unit and unit here means a pair of speakers.

    So you buy at $99 per pair instead of $199 per pair. This is a great deal. It does not satisfy the OP parameters, as he would be spending $198 + shipping from Colorado, US. This might not be so cheap, so I recommend selling the extra set at around $150 since this is still a great deal for whoever is buying them and puts the net cost of some great little speakers under $100.


    Uh, so looking at their site for another...45 seconds...and yeah, they are selling a pair of speakers that come boxed in pairs singly and requiring to order in multiples of 2. This is some really convoluted marketing language or whoever is really accustomed to buying speakers by the single. For these it just doesn't make sense to me.

    But my comments in this thread are entirely irrelevant.

  10. jscottmsc
    Klipsch Promedia 2.1 used on eBay for ~$100...I have not heard better full-range computer speaker (I own 5 sets...they are on every PC and TV)
  11. antonyfirst
    Hi Scott,

    They would be an interesting alternative, but do they satisfy my sonic requirements?

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