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10,000 Word Reviews

  1. The Monkey Contributor
    There is a point at which I think a review about audio gear ceases to be useful.  And I think most reviews are not useful from the outset, with a tendency to be more about the reviewer than the reviewed product.  Being succinct is a challenge--I wish more reviews were concisely written.  That is all.
  2. Uncle Erik Contributor
    What about the part where a reviewer demonstrates a clever use of language?
    Aren't a few puns, double-entendres and flowery prose an important part of deciding what gear to buy?
  3. kboe
    Not fans of 6moons I'd assume?
  4. n3rdling
    I find it very difficult to type more than a few paragraphs on a single piece of gear personally.
  5. Kirosia
    My non-existent reviews usually consist of a simple phrase stating whether the product either:
    A) Sucks 
    B) Doesn't Suck
    Obviously for equipment such as vacuums and artificial love companions, the positive/negative connotations can be reversed. 
  6. The Monkey Contributor


  7. kboe
    Te-hehe.  I like em though.  Very poetic and...  I know that writing style isn't for everyone.
  8. gilency Contributor
    I don't know a whole lot about phones, but the more I learn, the less I want to say.....
  9. Currawong Contributor
     I second the "succinct" thought. I remember the review of the Kingrex Headquaters on 6moons, that had something like a single sentence about the sound of the unit amongst numerous pages of stuff about the company.  Conveying the mental image of my thoughts on a pair of headphones or a device simply, but in a manner that conveys the impressions well, is quite a challenge.
  10. marvin
    Most professional gear reviews aren't actually meant to be reviews. What they are meant to be is gear porn for a consumer who will never own that particular piece of equipment.
  11. virometal Contributor

    Heh, add me to ghat group. A dissertation on cable stands? Yes!
  12. Uncle Erik Contributor

    It's fine for literature and poetry.
  13. The Monkey Contributor


    Agreed.  However, my comment applies to amateur reviews in audio forums, too.
  14. boomana
    Well, and then there is this review:
    It's simply one of the best I've ever read, but it took him four years.
    I get your point, Monkey, and it seems that some "reviews" tend to be imitations of what someone thinks a review should be, but since I've been too lazy to write one in the past couple years, I suppose I can't complain.  I do ignore the ones that just go on and on and seem to be more about the reviewer wanting to draw attention to himself than wanting to offer genuine helpful information.
  15. Satellite_6
    I too like short reveiws. . .

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