1 $ for Hisound’s new released ROCOO player???

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  1. hisound
    1 $ for Hisound’s new released ROCOO player???
    Thanks for your participant the campaign. The $1 auction program of ROCOO P has been closed. During the past 2 months, there are hundreds consumers have got the favorite price of the ROCOO P. And most of the users love the tiny player. Now, the price of ROCOO P is resumed to be the normal retail price of USD 179.
    For reward your further support, we will have POPO wooden IEMs for freebie if you order ROCOO P player directly from us.
    The freebie will be ended at the end of Feb.
    Please send the flowing information of yours to the email box: 
    Phone number
    Post code
    ID at headfi.
    Email box,
    The price you offered
    Shipping: DHL($20) or Hongkong post( $ 10)
    Review of ROCOO P : http://www.head-fi.org/t/586947/rocoo-p-dap-full-review
  2. hisound
  3. hisound
  4. romanski
    Thanks for the info. Tried to send an email to servive@hisoundaudio.com. but was bounced (undelivered), not sure why. Is the auction restricted to US only?
  5. hisound
  6. romanski
    Thanks for the correction.
  7. SemperMalum
    I'm looking at the DAP's and they look awesome. However, I feel like I'm just completely losing my mind reading the rules; if you win the bid, you have the right to purchase the products? So you have to pay the auction price and the price of the products? Or you pay the auction price, and you receive a percentage off equal to a certain value?
  8. hisound
    Sorry for the confusion. I have add in a sentence that is " the price is which your bidding( offered)". Maybe this is clearly now.
    That means, if there are 40 persons attend the bidding, your offering pirce is among the top 20, you will win the bidding, and the price will be which you have offered to us by email.
    if you have any questions, please feel free to contact with me again.
  9. 5370H55V
    I'm interested in participating, but am somewhat confused. If we win, are we required to do a review, and then we get free headphones? [​IMG]
  10. i_djoel2000
    if we bid 85 bucks for the first auction, will we win it for 85 bucks or for a little higher above the second highest bidder? (ebay bidding style)
    i'll take part in the 1st auction
  11. hisound
    Sorry for the unclear statement.
    The winer who will buy the ROCOO P will no must necessary to write an reviw on it.
    Because the ROCOO is a new player which will be interested by other consumers. We hope there will be adequate reviews on it for providing enough neutral informations for the rest members.
    So, we encourage who has the ROCOO and write an review, as reward, we will offer the related earphones as the gift for the reviewers.
  12. hisound


    HI, i_djoel2000
    Thank you for your question.
    You can bid it with any price ranged from USD 1 to 85. We will count the top 20 highest offer as the winer to have to right to buy the ROCOO P with the price the winers have bidded.
    That being said if there are only 20 or less then 20 bidders participate this program at first auction. All bidders will win the right to buy the ROCOO P with their offered price.
    If there are more than 20 bidders bidding, we will listed the top 20 highest offerer as the winer.
    I hope it is clear now.
  13. SemperMalum


    I see.
    So, for auction #1, the minimum bid is $1 with a maximum of $85, and if your bid is within the highest 20 offers, the top 20 bidders can then purchase the ROCOO P at $85 dollars or the highest bids if there aren't 20 bidders at $85, and if they review it, they get the Live Earbuds as a gift.
    For auction 2, the lowest bid raises up to $30 with a maximum of $102, and if your bid is within the highest 20 offers in this auction, the top 20 bidders can then purchase the ROCOO P at the $102 or the highest bids, etc.?
    Would that be correct? They would have to pay the auction price they bid, along with the $30 dollars for DHL or the $10 for airmail. The prices originally listed are just  how much the products are going for as just a monetary value of what you're bidding on, so that you understand the deal, so to speak, for bidding.
  14. hisound

     “  for auction #1, the minimum bid is $1 with a maximum of $85, and if your bid is within the highest 20 offers, the top 20 bidders can then purchase the ROCOO P at $85 dollars or the highest bids if there aren't 20 bidders at $85,”
    The top 20 bidder can buy the ROCOO with any price he has offered, such as USD 1, 30, 50, 85 (Below USD 85), But you must be sure your are the top 20 highest price bidder. so, the higher offer, the more chance to get the right to purchase the ROCOO.

  15. hisound
    Dear Headfier:
    Please be serious on the bid. I have got one upset bidding.His email is attached as following:
    In order to protect his private information, I have hidden his really email account.
    2011/12/2, Mxds HoXm <maXSkhXSXm@gmail.com>:
    > Hi
    > I'm offering you 5,678 dollars.
    > My adress is:
    > MXX Holm
    > Drosselvej 2XXX
    > 86xx0 Silkeborg
    > Denmark
    > Phone number: 1234567890

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