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「Official」Asian Anime, Manga, and Music Lounge

  1. U-3C
    B843EE3C-40F6-475A-A044-B4C275D66215.jpeg 1347ABC1-C559-4B10-8F8D-FACB480117C8.jpeg 6F615593-2826-4BB8-92EF-DFF67E6D4C6E.jpeg

    Not bad. Ambient was 21 degrees Celsius.


    Keyshot's GPU update just came! Looking forward to it in terms of performance, as well as all the other RTX integration by various programs.

    Nvidia allowing 30 bit colour on their consumer cards is also awesome. :D
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2019
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  2. deadlylover
    Speaking of GPU upgrades, I needed something to play Atelier Ryza (totally not for the thighs).

    I was using an old crappy quadro from 2012 because all I needed it for was WoW classic (I moved all the decent hardware to the garage for LANs), so I picked up an RX 580 8GB for like USD 30, hows that for performance per dollar. XD

    Ugghhhh I forgot that AMD cards chug something insane like 30W just for having a multi monitor setup. You could fly to the moon with 30W.
  3. U-3C
    580 for 30 bucks?!


    Yeah, they are quite power inefficient still. The older 200/300 series draws so much power. My R9 390 can draw well over 400w despite having half the performance of my current 2070s. It's getting cold here and I'm not used to my room being this chilly. It was always faster to warm myself up by running a game in the background since I'm right next to the computer. My room doesn't warm up enough after my GPU upgrade. ;-;

  4. vantt1
    Madoka movie 3: what did I just watch
  5. deadlylover
    Still haven't seen that yet, don't know if I should...

    Gahhhhh the release of WoW Classic distracted me from seeing Weathering With You (the new Makoto Shinkai movie), I completely missed that it screened two months ago because I was under the impression it would be out next year.

    Been enjoying Atelier Ryza so far as a chill comfy JRPG, the PC port is complete pants though, as is tradition with many Japanese games.

  6. vantt1
    I finally got around to watching it. Better than expected! I enjoyed it more than Comic Girls.
  7. deadlylover
    Hmm I don't know if it's the NAND shortage or what, but I can't find the Intel 545S in stock locally (for a reasonable price).

    Maybe I'll order one of the datacenter class Intel DC S3710/S3610 from China, ~50USD for 200GB doesn't seem thaaaaat bad for what is hopefully a very reliable drive (I know I know backups are essential, I just don't want to waste money on a drive that'll die in a few years). It's not too far off what something like a Samsung 860 EVO would cost here. 150TB vs 3.6PB endurance, 1.5 vs 2 million MTBF, I'll give the Intel a shot.

    Come to think of it, the only drives I have that have survived are Intel and Samsung...
  8. miceblue
    Last call for participants, if anyone else is interested in joining!
  9. vantt1
    I bought the 512 GB 545s in March 2018 for $188 AUD, and a quick check on Mwave reveals it's now $149. What would be deemed as a good price?

    @Mahou Shoujo Site END: wow didn't know Kizuna Ai had a role!
  10. deadlylover
    A 500GB Samsung Evo is $105 at MSY, very strange that the Intel drives have gone up huh? Lowest historic price retail seems to be $129 for the Intel, or $120ish right now with the eBay coupon which isn't bad at all, but still more than the competition.

    I got a new wok from China. I checked a few local Asian supermarkets and the stuff they offer is complete pants with wicked thin steel and flimsy riveted handles. (but to be fair they were only $20, compared to the ~$90ish delivered from China)

    I like the hammered finish and the "one piece" handle construction where it's folded from the same piece of metal, nothing to get loose over time. Even after seasoning it's not quite as "non-stick" as a brand new non-stick pan, but with a very low to reasonable amount of oil it can cook eggs no problem which is basically as non-stick as I'll ever need anything to be. Ahhh feels great to be able to use metal utensils again.

  11. U-3C
    Been thinking of replacing all my HDDs with SSDs, as well as getting all SSD back up drives. A bit pricey in the past but SATA SSD process have dropped quite a bit from when I first wanted to do this.

    Grabbed a Steam Link and Steam controller a few days back from someone. The controller is a bit scuffed up and has some gunk, so I might tear it apart just to clean it, but the link is in pretty good shape. Was tired of dealing with all the issues/inconveniences of streaming to various phones and computers so decided to finally grab one used.

    Although I can use quite a bit of bandwidth when streaming through Steam's Remote Play, the 100 Mbps limit is good enough for me. With my setup, wifi is pretty good too.

    Sadly the small bit of lag does throw my accuracy off for rhythm games, but not noticeable at all for other titles. The delay I feel might also simply just be the really old TV I'm using.


    Anyone have any experience with Netgear's GS108 unmanaged switch? There is only one ethernet cable going to the living room and I want something relatively simple but solid in construction to provide a wired connection to my Steam Link, Xbox and potentially a Chromecast Ultra (Stadiaaaaaa... ;-; ).
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2019
  12. deadlylover
    It's an unmanaged switch, there's basically nothing you can do to them so it should just work. XD

    I can't remember how the warranty was on those, but you might be able to pick up a switch with a lifetime warranty for not much more. I think HP are pretty good in terms of warranty and some of their OfficeConnect series are pretty cheap.
  13. U-3C
    Yeah, though mostly was testing my luck if anyone happens to have worked in IT for networking and might have hands on experience with failure rates of various devices. Some make certain claims on the internet but it's hard to really verify with them how they failed.

    The A15 fans from Noctua that I have make a very annoying humming sound whenthat is resonating in my room when the fan speeds are changing/at about 60%. I've tried moving them and other fans around, as well as remove the low noise adapters. It's better now but it's still present.

    Very frustrating as I can stand and even enjoy the whoooosh sound as white noise, but this rapid humming frequency can be heard and felt going up and down throughout the room, even through music and white noise is being played at reasonable listening volumes. Happens on both fans that come with the D15 too.

    Considering switching back to my Hyper 212 Evo with a Noctua F12 fan, but the plastic clips are all destroyed (they seem to be one time use only, with their brittleness).

    Last edited: Nov 28, 2019
  14. deadlylover
    I've always wanted to stuff my case with sound dampening material, maybe some of that butyl rubber sound deadening for cars would be good for the panels...

    My case is old and large so there's a lot of resonance/reverb, very annoying even though it's filled with Noctuas running at low RPM.

    If it works well I'll post the results.
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  15. vantt1
    @Animegataris ep01: Hinges on the outside, oof


    I recently got an iPod Hi-Fi second hand and am pleasantly surprised that it's not assembled in China!

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