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  1. miceblue
    Boku no Hero Academia season 4 is finally out!
  2. castleofargh Contributor
    we went from one season every year, to one every 6 months. and some people still deny climate change.
  3. vantt1
    @Mahouka ep16: Tatsuya is as OP as they say he is
  4. U-3C
    Don't know if I mentioned this before. Workplace dumped a bunch of hardware a few weeks back so I grabbed some.

    Then a friend messaged me telling me to grab every darn Nintendo thing I can see an hour before the room was suppose to close. Dumped all these on said friend's bed for some pics before sorting them out.

    2 Xbox 360 Kinects, 2 Xbox One Kinects, 3 Wii sensors, a bunch of adapters, old SLI bridges, power supplies for Nintendo stuff, an old video card, and 6 AMD factory coolers from waaaaay back. There was also a tube of dried up Noctua thermal paste. 0.0

    That larger monitor is an old Dell Ultrasharp from 15ish years ago. Kept an Xbox One Kinect for myself to use as a Windows Hello camera. Now Microsoft can join in on spying me at all times, along with Facebook's Oculus Sensors and Google's smart devices.

    71906324_1431129343712180_1079443972906024960_o.jpg 72309734_1431129550378826_70030515503104000_o.jpg

    Monitor tech for consumers is moving so fast right now in ways I really am happy about. Might buy a new one sometime early next year. I'll have something cool arriving to keep me chilly until then.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2019
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  5. kn19h7
    Just built myself a new pc recently :D

    AMD Ryzen 3900X
    Asus Pro WS X570-ACE
    Nvidia Quadro RTX4000
    Corsair 750D case
    Noctua Chromax fans

    Things has changed quite a bit poi from when I built my last pc 4-5yrs ago. AMD wasn't really a choice back then, Quadro costed much more to get reasonable performance, AND Noctua didn't come in full black...
    Cons are that many things come in RGB nowadays, and tempered glass too

    DSC00283.JPG DSC00284.JPG
    Yeah cable management :p

    Also finally went to try the Sennheiser HE1, was listening music from my memory card via unbalanced lineout of an AK SP1000M (not mine).
    Overall it sounded pretty nice with great resolution and without any glaring flaws. I did felt the setup was kinda lacking in speed and dynamics compared to what I am used to nowadays though. As such, slow paced music sounded more satisfying.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2019
  6. U-3C
    *Chromax :wink:

    Sweet build! Hope it serves you well.

    BTW, what cooler is that?

    Yeah. I feel this one. I really just want a simple, clean box that also has the functions I need.

    Even Fractal Design's cases can't escape this. Some of their cases that come with black PCI brackets (instead of white) only come with a see-through side panel. One happens to be the case I'm interested in.

    I'm gonna hold off on upgrading my platform for a while. For the stuff I do (relies heavily on 4 very strong cores) there just hasn't been enough improvements to warrant an upgrade.

    When I do though, I might just migrate everything I have into a new setup and use my old build as a home theater PC.[/QUOTE]
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2019
  7. kn19h7
    Yeah so far so good, its more powerful yet uses less power than the Xeon 1650v3 machine it replaced :D

    The CPU cooler? Its a Noctua U12S, I replaced the bundled fan with a Chromax equivalent.

    Speaking of Fractal Design, I kinda like the Meshify's appearance. But then it seems like you'll need to take apart the thing to clean the front dust filter orz

    Also I don't feel quite comfortable of having harddisk cages at right/rear side of the case with little space for cable routing and airflow, which seems to be common in recent mid towers or below. I do understand the need to cater for long GPUs nowadays though.
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  8. vantt1
    @Mahouka END: In 2095, Hong Kong is part of China, sad lyfe
  9. U-3C


    Big fan here!
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  10. deadlylover
    Gahh had an SSD die, back up your data folks!

    Was just on the garage laptop so nothing important lost. RIP 2 year old SK hynix SL308 120GB
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  11. vantt1
    If you have two backups, you have one backup. If you have one backup, you have no backups.

    Looks scary


  12. miceblue
    Crap, that's the SSD I'm using...
  13. miceblue
    Is anyone here interested in participating in the Secret Santa holiday gift exchange this year? If so, please PM me and I'll start organizing a list of participants.
  14. U-3C
    Oh my, it's that time again!
  15. miceblue

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