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  1. deadlylover
    I also have the ER-X, just to let you know, they are a ticking time bomb. Apparently the flash memory used corrupts very easily, so you'll start to see them glitch out eventually.

    I might try Mikrotik next as it's very similar hardware but maybe I'll just save up and go for a used Juniper SRX300 instead (30W power consumption scares me though, maybe it's much lower on idle).

    I've been using it with an older used Cisco 2702 access point, pretty happy with it. I think I've had to restart the ER-X once in the few months that I've had it.


    New mouse day. Logitech G305 for around 65 dollarydoos, I'm very happy with it as it's replacing a hulking G500. Wireless is a bonus too.

    I ordered some IKEA batteries to get the weight down a little lower because the 2450mAh cells I have weigh a whopping 30g compared to the ~17g of the lower capacity 1000mAh cells. That's only a few grams off a lithium cell (15g) that people seem to love using, but using a primary is so wasteful and expensive.

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  2. U-3C
    I see!

    Never quite looked into this stuff honestly, thus have no context. Thanks for the info. :D

    I intentionally got the cheap EX-R because I know I'll be needing more in the future and will replace it when the time comes, thus didn't plan to invest too much time or money. Currently just need something with a bit more flexibility than my ISP's router (even the few options that do exist on this old one are but a placebo...-_- ).

    Worst case, the ER breaks and I'll just plug in my old router in an emergency.

    I have a bunch of Eneloop AA batteries that I never use, as I've replaced them all with AAA ones in adapters. I mostly use these batteries in peripherals, including VR controllers, so weight matters quite a bit. The oculus controllers do feel a bit unbalanced in my hands, but I do prefer the lighter weight if I'm to do a sculpting session for many hours.

    I also wanna see the rest of that mouse pad but I'm not sure if it's appropriate for this site... 0.0;


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  3. deadlylover
    Same here =P.

    I've finally had a CPU die on me, it was an Intel E5-1620 in one of my Dell Precisions. Had the machine running while I popped by the shops and when I got home, the fans were going bananas. Thankfully, the case has post codes right on the frontpanel so I didn't even need to open the side panel to diagnose the issue, the code referred to "CPU error detected, try reseating or replacement". I tried reseating to no avail, so I subbed in one from a different machine and it works fine, whew. (I didn't want the mobo to be defective because those are more difficult to source)

    Ordered an E5-2689 for about $70 dollarydoos, 8 cores @ 3.3GHz. Should be more than good enough for classic WoW.

    I needed a new wifi card because my old netgear one pooped itself, so I tried one of those Intel AX200 slapped into a PCIe adaptor thingies for $30 (total) with an external antenna. I've had a little funny business with the 5GHz band but it might just be the immature drivers as it's their latest product. If i had to do it again I might drop down to the previous generation or two, oh well.

  4. U-3C
    Bought one of those mobile WiFi card + adapter things from Asus a while back to finally put to rest my workstation’s wireless drama. The card on the adapter was an older Intel chip. Could have indeed bought the latest and greatest, bought my own adapter and got the "best" for about the same price, but I was tired of past WiFi card issues and just wanted to connect some Bluetooth speakers. An an-in-one solution by a known brand that's been out for a year or two probably is more plug and play, with no chance of incompatibility issues so between different parts (and if there is, I can always return it), so I decided to go for the simple route.


    I swapped the WiFi card in my 7 year old HP laptop half a year ago I think. It used the older standard so new mobile WiFi cards don't fit in it anymore. All I really wanted was something that supports 5GHZ as I could barely watch YouTube videos without stutters on that thing at 2.4.

    Now that I've upgraded my networking, I've been streaming games to this laptop in the living room via Steam's Remote Play. It works extremely well!

    Went from an average few hundred ms of ping with constant massive stutters (takes a few seconds for a frame up update) to a consistent ≤10 ms ping. Experience is very good for wireless streaming. :D
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2019
  5. castleofargh Contributor
    firefox 69 doesn't open the bookmark list anymore when I drag a tab over it:crying_cat_face:.
    me when I first noticed:

    now I have to click 4 times in different places to bookmark something in the specific folder I want, and still have to get into it afterward if I don't want it placed at the bottom of that folder. AAAAAAAAaaaaarrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhh....
    the alternative is to show the bookmark sidebar and then drag&drop where I want. but it's still way more annoying than what has been working fine since... about forever. I'm sick of firefox "innovations" on bookmarks. the last moronic change was that when you went to scroll down a list, it would jump to the bottom instead of scrolling down. it drove me crazy(I mainly have long ass lists per subjects). after a few versions they brought back the traditional scroll down in that famous innovation rational called "solving the issue we had created ourselves". I can only pray to my local world administrator that he/she will give me the skill to reverse the damage caused by the demon king.

    leave bookmarks alone!!!!! please!

    I watched an episode of Vinland Saga to see what they did with it(one of the few super long manga I still follow), and thought it wasn't worth much TBH. I was both expecting and felt disappointed by that fake 1980 European anime style. if the world loved that, we would be leaders in anime, not Japan. I was ready to move on to something else but I got curious about(spoiler without spoiler) the stuff on the boat with the mercenaries, so I watched a few episodes up to there, and now I feel like I'll just have to keep going.^_^
  6. U-3C
    After a few days of solid use, the ER-X suddenly is out of commission, without any changes done by me. :/

    Can't get a ping out of it and resetting doesn't do anything. Can't reach the GUI no matter what I do. -_- @deadlylover , any ideas or suggestions on this?

    UPDATE: After a nap, and lots of swearing from my roommate, it magically works on it's own again. Huh. 0.0;



    Last edited: Sep 9, 2019
  7. deadlylover
    I think this happened to me once as well, cant do anything but try and power cycle and wait.

    Ahhh I'm finally happy with the current wifi setup;

    ax200 cisco 2702.png

    Enabling "global bg scan blocking" will get rid of the ~20-50ms spikes every minute with the wifi card trying to look for a new hotspot to join. I seem to get a similar spike every ten minutes but that one might be harder to nail.

    Those 6ms spikes are from the computer with a speedtest running (I only have 50mbps line here), the second one is with a phone on the same network running a speed test as well.

    Really liking the ~1.5ms average ping, even on my old Netgear R8000 it was around the 3ms mark. Not that I can perceive it or anything but it goes to show that the ol' Cisco 2702 can outperform a "gaming" router.

    The program used is pingplotter (free), I'm curious as to how the Ubiquiti performs, I think it will be just as good if not better as the Cisco 2702 is ancient in terms of network hardware (early 2014). I really want to upgrade to the 3702 just for giggles.
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  8. U-3C
    Thanks for sharing this stuff! Super new to networking so clueless about diagnosing. Still get occasional spikes when streaming but no clue how to proceed so let's see what comes out of it.

    I'll need to be careful though as my roommate has been pretty upset with my project. After all, Netflix is all he's got at this point... :p
  9. deadlylover
    It's always tough wanting to fiddle with the network but you don't want to annoy the other users. XD

    I haven't played with the "QoS" smart queue feature on the ER-X yet to reduce bufferbloat, I've heard good things about it if you can sacrifice a little bit of throughput for more consistency.
  10. miceblue
    So an Etymotic ER-4 means Edge Router. Hm...
  11. U-3C

    It's been great so far! My internet went from 15 Mbps up, 15 Mbps down to 3 Mbps up and 10 down recently, for reasons unknown. I'll have to call the ISP or my parents (my internet and phone plan is linked with their business account so they can get a small tax write-off, and they might have changed something on their side). Kind of annoying but no effects on me as I never needed that much bandwidth anyways, so I never cared about the bandwidth limitations. Getting the ER-X was mostly there to rid me of the horrible buffer bloat of my ISP's router.


    Last edited: Sep 12, 2019
  12. vantt1
    I wonder when Deadman gave credit to Shibayan
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  13. U-3C
    Happy Harvest Moon/Mid Autumn/Tsukimi/Chuseok/ZhongQiu/Whatever Festival + Friday 13th! ♥️
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  14. miceblue
    I got some double-yolk mooncakes. Those things are seriously dense; drinking tea is a must when eating these. D:
  15. U-3C

    How I feel after eating two mooncakes...one...one more to go...


    Yay internet speed problems fixed. Still get occasional high ping sadly when using in home streaming over WiFi. Tried a bunch of stuff but no solution. Might decide to finally go the good old Ethernet way.


    Connected an old dac/amp thingy to an abandoned ras-pi and transformed the thing to a small radio/Bluetooth receiver. Linked it to an online anime radio station and the device will probably be on 24/7 from now on for anyone to plug their headphones into. Also uploaded my entire rip of Blade and Soul music onto it's local storage. Don't know why I did it but now I have animu music playing proudly at all times in my home.

    This is the first time I tried AirPlay in my life and I must say, it's so much smoother to switch around compared to Bluetooth. Hopefully Android 10 can make Bluetooth audio switching smoother because right now it's quite a mess...

    Last edited: Sep 15, 2019

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