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「Official」Asian Anime, Manga, and Music Lounge

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  1. castleofargh Contributor
    I have different taste for gundam manga and gundam anime. for mangas I really like the side stories, the small team in the jungle (8th something), or the guys who basically become each other's nemesis because they don't share the same musical tastes(with one side composed of cripples, a constant tear-dropper that one. there is an anime of it too but I liked the manga better, which is rare for gundam). my favorite animes are pretty much the ones with the most deaths and the coolest fighting cinematic(ok I'm talking gundam but that's kind of true for all animes). I don't mind if it's the exact same story for the 25th time, or if they keep breaking up the fights before anybody dies for BS reasons just to have some more fights later. if they get mad, if it's super unfair, maybe someone scream a little and I see pretty fights, I'm happy. :innocent:
    but I really enjoyed the last one with the mining company. we got back the Heero type of character from gundam wing, no emotion, can kill on demand, but still a nice dude inside if you get to know him
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  2. U-3C
    Every single story I've enjoyed is just the same story told a million times with different skins. So if it's the same story, great! If not...I always want push it more to be that same old story or I sadly won't enjoy it to the fullest. :p

    Or I'll binge YouTube.

    And wonder if I should watch a movie or two before I die.


    A friend just messaged me to help fix their Nokia 6.1 phone. Although it's probably just a simple charging port swap, I can't say I'm comfortable with doing surgery on someone else's phone. No buyers protection and fairly long wait time for parts from me. :/

    I don't mind doing it for a learning experience, but still, I hope he knows the risk and is okay if something breaks, or if the charging port dies in a month again.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2019
  3. miceblue
    It's probably a long shot, but did anyone back the Okamoto Kitchen Kickstarter anime campaign? I live in Los Angeles, and I'm a customer of their food truck, so I HAD to back them.

    They had a collaboration with Atlas at Anime Expo last month...the line for food was insane, haha.
  4. U-3C
    No, but I'm hungry now...
  5. pbui44
    I doubt they broadcast Manga, but Pluto TV has all-day Anime and music on specific channels, along with many channels to help you cut the cord. Apparently Pluto TV has vastly improved over the past couple of years and is free with ads, so check it out:

  6. U-3C
    Otakuthon is happening right now. Didn't feel like going but some of my friends who did grabbed me some loot.


    Apparently Dan Salvato, the main guy behind Doki Doki Literature Club, was there. So was TM Revolution.


    There's a DreamHack happening literally a 5 minute walk away from my home. Considering enslaving my roommate to carry my computer over and back. :p


    2070 Super cards still not in stock though.


    This might take a while...
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2019
  7. castleofargh Contributor
    deep philosophical question. in manhua translation I keep seeing a pretty nonsensical pattern that goes something like this:
    -bad guy: you have to die.
    -good guy: lol call me grandpa is you fail (or other super powerful insults like that ^_^)
    they fight, the good guy resists well and kills or wounds a subordinate of bad guy which leads to
    -bad guy: don't expect to leave this place alive after what you just did.

    and each time this happens, I'm like, wait what? you came to kill him from the get go and even told him so are death threats cumulative like prison sentences or something? he's still only going to die once. that same pattern often repeats four or five times in a single battle!:face_palm: so I was wondering if it's one of those popular expressions that really gets lost in translation once in Angrish, or if somehow it's a thing in China to renew death threats like every time is the first time you ever made it? anybody knows what I'm talking about?
  8. U-3C
    I just call it poor, generic writing. :p
  9. Ra97oR
    I got a reference card from Nvidia directly at MSRP and free shipping. But it was out of stock within 2 hours after I ordered.

    I don't see why Nvidia put that much effort on making the FE card so fancy, with metal shrouds and all.
  10. U-3C
    For that corporate overlord-worthy A E S T H E T I C S. :p

    Always thought the past reference blowers looked beautiful. Same with the current founders cards, and the Quadros simply look stunning. For 3 seconds. Then dust and finger prints settle in. And they are put into a render farm workstation, never to be seen again.


    Just watched Infernal Affairs. Great film! Now for the better, whitewashed version. :p
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2019
  11. U-3C
    Finally, Newegg has the Asus 2070 Super in stock. Yay.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2019
  12. Accoun
  13. bowei006 Contributor















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